News, Kalnesskogen | The name of the deceased has been released

News, Kalnesskogen |  The name of the deceased has been released

The woman was apparently walking her dog when tragedy struck. Mandy was reported missing on Thursday after failing to attend a family gathering around 1pm.

The dog was found dead in the same pond where the woman was found in the accident on Thursday evening. Police’s main theory is that the dog somehow landed on thin ice in the pond and went through it, and the woman died while trying to save the dog.

Incidentally, only parts of the pond were covered with ice. Now all the ice on the pool/pond is gone.

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Woman found in pond – confirmed dead

Known in the area

37-year-old Kristina Aasland died. He lived nearby and was therefore well known in the hiking area in Wister and Kalneskogen. But the pool in question is down a gravel pit, just outside of where hikers usually travel.

The water in the pool should be deep enough for an adult to stand in it. But the ground conditions are difficult, and the 37-year-old may have become trapped in the clay below and could not be freed. Rescuers who reached the spot confirmed to the police that the bottom of the site was very challenging.

– We have done some investigative work on this and there is no doubt that the bottom of the pond is rough. “It’s a very tragic accident where the deceased could have done everything he could to save his dog,” says Daniel Holm, head of investigations at Sarpsborg Police Station.

An autopsy will be performed

Ausland was found and pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after being pulled from the pond. The deceased has since been sent for post-mortem. Preliminary results will be available in a few days only.

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But whatever the outcome, the police are adamant that the deceased was not guilty of any crime. Christina Ausland was involved in an accident that had a terrible outcome.

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