Red, Norwegian Politics | Red always ends up on the side of the dictator

Red, Norwegian Politics |  Red always ends up on the side of the dictator

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At 14:45 on April 4, 2023, Finland officially became the 31st member of NATO and the Finnish flag was raised outside NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Just as Norway joined NATO following the coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948, Finland and Sweden applied for NATO membership just months after Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Türkiye and Hungary waited a long time for Finland’s request and are still doing so with Sweden.

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There are also countries other than those with authoritarian tendencies that have expressed their opposition to NATO applications. The Red Party actually voted against Sweden and Finland’s requests for NATO in parliament.

If Rudy had gotten what they wanted, it would have resulted in a major political victory for Putin.

Embarrassed to support weapons

This also applies to Rødt’s position on arms donations to Ukraine. A few weeks after the invasion, most of the Norwegian parties agreed to send weapons to Ukraine. However, this controversy still raged within the Red Party.

It was not the cruelty of the war and the invasion of Russia against international law that sparked the war, but the fact that the media had spotlighted Rudet after the “discussion” on NRK.

At the party’s national meeting later in April, it appears that the question of arms support for Ukraine will be answered once and for all. What Roudt represents at the national meeting will be exciting, but there are only two options:

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Either they maintain their failed, Putin-friendly policy, or they partially join after almost a year and a half after the invasion.

It’s embarrassing anyway.

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Doing Putin’s tasks

Roodt tried his hand at the false arguments that European arms to a needy Ukraine impeded peace efforts and that it was in NATO’s interest to continue the war.

This shows that Ruddite’s foreign policy is in an alternate universe. It ignores that a possible diplomatic solution to the war before it broke out was impossible for Ukraine, because Putin would not capitulate without annexing large parts of Ukraine’s territory and preventing Ukraine from making certain decisions on its own – such as joining NATO and the European Union.

It cannot be said that the party cares about the sovereignty of other countries.

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in discussion a lot discussionbroadcast, Joachim Müllersen of Rødt claimed that it was in NATO’s interest to continue the war. When NATO and EU countries send billions of euros’ worth of weapons and other support to Ukraine, this does not mean “the war continues”. It is to protect Ukraine and its democracy from illegal invasion by Russia.

When Rohrd says that American and European arms are prolonging the war, they are running Putin’s job. American and European weapons prevent the Russian occupation.

The worst thing is that Rudiets claim to be anti-imperialist, while implementing Rudi’s so-called anti-imperialist policy is the best thing that can happen to Putin’s imperialist Russia.

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As usual, Reed insists that they are anti-imperialists, but always end up on the side of the imperialist dictator.

It is easy to forget that one of the Norwegian parties has a policy that has been praised in the Russian Duma. With the most tense situation in the world and Europe in many years, it is important to remember which parties work in the interest of international law and international democracy – and which parties do not.

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