This is why neighboring countries will not help Palestinian refugees – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

This is why neighboring countries will not help Palestinian refugees – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

– We are concerned that accepting Palestinian refugees will destroy the possibility of a Palestinian state, says Egyptian Ambassador Amr Ramadan to NRK.

Egypt, with the exception of Israel, is the only country that has borders with Gaza. Hamas, Egypt and Israel control the borders. Almost no one comes in and out.

After the start of the war, Egypt received a small number of seriously injured Palestinians, but no refugees. The ambassador believes it is important that the Palestinians do not leave Gaza, so that they can one day have their own state.

– We are working to establish a state for the Palestinians on their land, Ramadan says.

Two-State Solution – Egyptian Ambassador Amr Ramadan to NRK says: We are concerned that by accepting Palestinian refugees we are destroying their access to their own country.

Photo: Haakon Lustad/NRK

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The creation of the State of Israel led to several things Mass exodus of Palestinians. In 1948, 700,000 Palestinians fled the areas that became part of the State of Israel. Many of them went to the Gaza Strip. The Six-Day War in 1967 also led to a mass flight of Palestinians.

Those who leave may not return to Israel. This is why millions of Palestinians still live in camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who fled when Israel was founded.

Recreational activities for children in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip

The children and grandchildren of Palestinian refugees live in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza.

Photography: Mohamed Dahman/AP

according to Numbers from UNRWAAccording to the United Nations Organization for Palestine Refugees, 1.6 million people have fled their homes in Gaza since October 7. They live in refugee camps in the southern Gaza Strip. They are called internally displaced people.

If Egypt had open borders, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians would flow to Rafah. They are living in a life-threatening situation in Gaza, says Jacob Huggelt, professor of Middle Eastern studies at the University of Oslo.

Jakob Huggelt, University of Oslo

Middle East affairs researcher Jacob Hugelt says that Egypt has the right that what lies behind Israeli tactics now is emptying Gaza of Palestinians.

Photo: Zofia Paszkiewicz/NRK

The researcher says that people who lost their homes in northern Gaza will likely not be able to return, even after the war ends.

– I do not know what Israel will do when the war ends and they crush Hamas. But there are many who speculate that they want to turn northern Gaza into a buffer zone, a “no-man’s land.”

Besides Israel, Egypt is the only country that has a border with Gaza. Hamas, Egypt and Israel control the borders. Almost no one comes in and out.

Hugelt says that Egypt does not want to be a tool in the Israeli expansion plan.

Egypt has good reasons to fear that what lies behind Israeli tactics is the emptying of Gaza of Palestinians, explains the researcher.

Israel’s post-war plans for Gaza have emerged in recent weeks.

– Gaza should be smaller when this war ends. They must lose territory both in the east and in the north, Gedeo Sar said.

Former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot (left), Benny Gantz (center), and Gideon Sa'ar sit together for Eisenkot's announcement of his election bid and their alliance in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Shrinking Gaza – this is the price the Arabs must pay until they understand that whoever starts a war against Israel loses territory, Gideon Saar told Israeli Channel 12 news.

Photo: Tzafrir Abayov/AP

Sa’ar is a member of the Israeli security cabinet and a former minister from the Likud Party.

– This is the price that Arabs must pay. “They have to understand that whoever starts a war against Israel loses land,” he told Israeli Channel 12 news.

In October, a report was leaked from Uhud Ministries of Israel. The report was printed in several editions Israeli media. It is proposed that the entire population of Gaza be transferred to Sinai in Egypt. For this reason, Israel must ask for international support.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office confirmed the existence of such a document, but also wrote that the plan is one of several possible scenarios.

The United States, a close ally of Israel, does not support the plan to transfer all Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt.

on Written by X President Biden He is holding talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Biden assured him, “We will make sure that the Palestinians in Gaza are not transferred to Egypt or any other country.”

Biden writes that he spoke with Egyptian President Sisi about Palestinian refugees

I spoke with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to express my appreciation for Egypt’s handling of emergency aid to Gaza… and we emphasized that Palestinians in Gaza will not be transferred to Egypt or any other country.

Today he lives 2 million Palestinian citizens in Jordan, 490,000 In Lebanon.

The children and grandchildren of those who fled in 1948 still live in refugee camps. They hope to return to a future Palestinian state.

The Egyptian ambassador says that Egypt does not want to repeat Lebanon’s history.

– There are 2.2 million people in Gaza. There are many people. We are doing our best by accepting refugees. But people in Gaza prefer to live in their own country, Ramadan says.

Neither Jordan nor Lebanon want to accept the Palestinians now.

Jordanian King Abdullah said that he would not allow any Palestinian refugees to enter Jordan.

– There are no refugees in Jordan, and no refugees in Egypt. This is the limit. I believe there is a plan through which refugees are exploited to create new realities on the ground The Jordanian King At a press conference in October.

The large number of Palestinian refugees poses a problem for the two poor countries neighboring Israel.

Neither Jordan nor Lebanon were able to welcome the Palestinians well. They do not have passports or rights like other Lebanese. These countries have enough other problems to think about already. Huguelt says that it is unreasonable to ask them to accept Palestinian refugees.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood during a commemoration in Cairo during Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's visit to Egypt

There are ideological ties between Palestinian Hamas and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and many common interests.

Photography: Mohamed Abdel Ghani – Reuters

Although they do not have the right to vote, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have changed the country’s political landscape.

Gaza is controlled by Hamas and many of the country’s residents support this group.

Egypt fears that opening the borders will lead to Hamas establishing itself in Egypt.

The Egyptian ambassador to Norway says: “We fear that extremist and armed groups will settle on our lands and begin operating from Egypt.”

Hamas is an Islamist resistance group that emerged from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is also a political party that most Egyptian governments, including the current one, have opposed.

The Egyptian regime has nothing left for Islamists like Hamas. Jacob Hugelt says they are seen as a security threat.

The Muslim Brotherhood won the 2012 elections. A year later, General Sisi took power in a coup. He is still president of the country.

Read more about the war in Gaza here:

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