Report, Hospital Fight | While the streets were filled with fireballs, things were boiling over in the emergency room in Norvik

Report, Hospital Fight |  While the streets were filled with fireballs, things were boiling over in the emergency room in Norvik

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Heroes in white were at work as thousands of people ran through the city’s streets with torches to the town hall in Norvik. And no doubt they work hard.

The heat from the torch train reached the hospital corridor, but the heat did not save anyone’s life. It is performed by highly skilled healthcare workers. According to those at work, this afternoon was very busy. The undersigned saw the whole thing and as all the rooms were in use, some patients had to make a bed in the corridor for a long time.

This afternoon the emergency department workers ran from patient to patient. Yet they managed to create a sense of security and warmth, and seemed to have steely control. As an unwilling witness to a hectic day in the emergency room, I want to convey a pulse from the city’s most vital heart.


I should have been on the torch train, but ironically ended up in the emergency room at the same time the train left. One might wonder why one would stop the heart of the lifeblood of Norvik and the district. No doubt someone will die if the emergency department is closed. And it wouldn’t be particularly economical or resource-saving, and all emergency patients would have to be moved to Harstad or Tromsø.

White superheroes

I was incredibly happy when I saw the heroes working hard from within. Glad to see real-life superheroes being cool when it’s hot.

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But damn it was fried.

I noticed a nurse with three phones attached. He spoke to skilled workers in various incoming ambulances. In the midst of this, there was a technical error in the computer system, so IT support was on a phone, while patients also received critical assistance.

Dealing with so many things going on at once requires an enormous concurrency. At the same time this person seemed to have a good perspective on everything that happened. As a community in Norvik, we cannot afford to lose valuable and important emergency expertise outside the city. At the same time this person seemed to be in complete control.

I’m pissed that there are some “super villains” who want to destroy the emergency department at the brand new UNN Norvik.


We in the North do not bleed slowly. The residents of Norvik and Oboden cannot afford to be insecure if someone stops the most important heart of the city.

A big thank you to all of you who wore white supercoats! The work you do is almost impossible to see. The fire of the torch train burns so that you leave uncertainty and the fight for the workplace. You deserve to be pressured to change the “supervillains” emergency department so that common sense finally prevails.

The emergency room and maternity ward in Norvik should be bypassed.

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