Night Dream of Hegerberg’s Substitute – Record Three – VG

Night Dream of Hegerberg's Substitute - Record Three - VG
HIT MORE: Sophie Roman Hough is congratulated by Frida Manum (left) and Ingrid Serstad Engin (L) after scoring against Albania. Elizabeth Terland comes running to (behind).

ULLEVÅL (VG) (Norway-Albania 5-0) She looks like Ada Hegerberg and now she likes Hegerberg: she scores.


Talk about Roman Recording!

Sophie Romain Haug (23) was goalless in her first three international matches. After 23 minutes at Ullevaal this evening, I fixed 1-0, 2-0 and got an assist to make it 3-0.

– he is very funny. It was a fun game to play. Roman Hogg tells NRK that the battle picture suits me well.

The Roma professional, who had the opportunity from the start in the absence of injury Ada Hegerberg, used his header to score his first goal, a precise cross into the back post of Guro Reiten.

2-0 Romain Haug scored with his left foot from close range after Ingrid Serstad Engin’s header hit the post at Ritten’s corner.

– Today’s match picture fits Sophie well. There will be a lot of posts and duels, and that’s its strong point. Then there may be no competition for a global superstar like Ada (Hegerberg), but they have equal box skills, Hege Riise tells VG.

There were two quick goals in three minutes. In the 23rd minute, it was the precise free kick by Guru Ritten that was sent by Roman Haug to Marin Melde. The veteran scored his 20th goal across the post in his 158th international match. It’s been more than four years since I last scored.

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Sophie Romain Haug did not finish the evening. It showed 65.10 when the 23-year-old jumped high again and nodded 4-0 after a cross from Marit Bratberg Lund.

– It’s fun when you get a chance to pick up the gloves. It was fun to play today and I had a lot of good things to work with and then it was just about putting her in the net, summing up the NRK champ hat-trick.

Sarah Hurt also scored her first goal in her debut with the national team. With Reiten as bartender, Rosenborg’s player used his head to make the score 5-0.

World Cup ready Norway set up a stadium with Albania from start to finish. With such a weak opponent, Norwegian women’s football also set a new record (47) in World Cup qualifiers.

The old record of 42 goals came in 2011.

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Albania had one great chance – a penalty. The referee ruled his hand on substitute Mathilde Harviken, but goalkeeper Aurora Mikalsen fell into the right corner and saved the penalty.

National team coach Heiji Reis took the opportunity to give Marit Bratberg Lund a debut with her national team, eventually letting two other players debut for the first time: Mathilde Harviken (46th minute) and Sarah Hurt (61st minute).

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– I am very satisfied, I think we are doing well, we give up very little, we recover a lot and we try and try. Then there is a little more to follow, in terms of relations and elections, apart from I think we are in a good position, says the NRK national team manager.

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