Niklas Barley, Niklas Selseth Barley

Niklas Barley, Niklas Selseth Barley

Spouses Niklas Selseth Barle (35 years old) and Benjamin Barle Selseth (33 years old) highlight their two sides, the former as a profiler on radio and television and the latter as a psychologist.

They also participated in TV 2's “Sofa” where they commented on various TV shows from their living room to the delight of viewers. Now Baarli-Silseth is leaving the “Sofa” apartment in Løren and they are ready for a new phase.

“We are selling the house!” Niklas Selseth Barli writes in an Instagram story with a photo of a housing advertisement.

-He gets bored quickly

Through the TV 2 programme, viewers were given a little insight into the Løren couple's apartment, but in the Finnish ad, you can get a closer look at the house.

Among other things, the apartment has 79 square meters and comes with a balcony of 22 square meters. The house also has two bedrooms.

The couple bought Løren's apartment in the fall of 2020, and according to documents, Nettavisen has access to the wallet in which they spent NOK 5.2 million. At that time, the apartment was brand new.

The apartment is now selling for NOK 7.1 million, almost 2 million NOK more expensive.

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According to the radio presenter, moving out of Lauren's apartment is not a very sad thing, as he does not hide the fact that he enjoys moving on a regular basis:

“It would be nice to replace it with something new. I quickly get tired of the places I live in,” Netavsen admits.

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It will be sold to a “sofa” fan.

As previously mentioned, the apartment was a big part of the couple's “sofa” sharing.

The 35-year-old doesn't necessarily think that would be a huge advantage in the sale, but he has a small hope that the apartment will go to someone who is a fan of the show.

– It would have been very nice if one of Sofa's fans had bought the apartment. “But I think it might take more than a TV clip to buy a house,” he says with a laugh.

Broker at Schala & Partners, Jørgen Traran Åkerland, believes there are reasons other than the “Sofa” program that will attract a potential buyer:

-I think people will buy mainly because of the location, standard, floor plan and beautiful private courtyard. Just outside the home you'll also find one of Lorain's most popular courtyards, which I know potential buyers will love. But that can be a fun factor for many, he tells Netafcen.

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It remains to be seen whether one lucky Sofa fan will get the apartment. But the TV couple already has their own plans to move, and Barle Silseth told Nettavisen that they have bought a new, larger apartment.

-We try to buy a slightly larger, slightly more expensive piece every time we buy, so having an upper floor with a little bit of a view is the next upgrade.

But admittedly, the pair aren't moving far:

“We bought into Lorraine, and we became citizens of Lorraine,” says Barley Silseth.

He adds that there are several reasons they stay in the area, including high prices.

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-Lorain is located in a central location, not central, and there is a green area where the bees can enjoy themselves.

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