Hans Morten Hansen: – Compromise with the public:

Hans Morten Hansen: – Compromise with the public:

Comedian Hans Morten Hansen, known from the NRK series “Side om Side”, constantly tries it:

The audience wanders around the hall when he stands up. They’re either on their way to the bathroom or to the bar. Others rush in very late for the show.

– The public needs training, education and information. When I’m on stage and 12 guys suddenly disappear and head to the back of the bar, it’s not great, Hansen tells Dagbladet.

– Ruined the evening

This issue was recently raised by an audience member, after Hansen’s “Natural Born Komiker” show in Randaberg in Rogaland.

About fifteen minutes into the show, people started walking in front of the stage. They carried bottles and glasses and tripped over others’ feet, according to Anna Klabo Jacobsen’s article in the newspaper debate. Randaberg24.

The comedian says he is affected by this anxiety.

-In the end, I started imitating those who passed by me. Especially those who tremble a little so as not to be seen. I have to attack it with a sense of humor, because I can’t be angry with the stage, Hansen tells Dagbladet.

We look forward to meeting Lindmo

We look forward to meeting Lindmo

At work

After 30 years in the industry, he has become accustomed to it.

But I would say “come forward” and ask them to be considerate of others. “There’s a guy standing in front of them and he’s at work,” the comedian says.

The biggest problem is on smaller stages in areas, where the stage is low and the exit door is right next to the stage. Hansen also thinks it will be a problem when you can’t close the bar during a show.

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“I think it’s more annoying to the audience than to me,” Hansen says.

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Environmental organizations: - Storr should resign

Environmental organizations: – Storr should resign

– Known problem

Product, Randaberg Cultural Scene, recognizes descriptions of the evening in Randaberg.

-This is a known problem. But it depends on the type of event and the audience for which tickets are sold, Torgeir Ness, general manager at Waren, tells Dagbladet.

He confirms that the error meant that some people were able to buy alcoholic drinks, but the bar had to be closed during the shows.

“We can’t stop people from going to the toilet, but we can provide better information,” says Ness.

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