Rome / Brussels | NATO Pipelines sells Italian kerosene

Rome / Brussels |  NATO Pipelines sells Italian kerosene

Rome/Brussels (dpa) – At the end of the last decade, large quantities of kerosene were sold from NATO’s pipeline network, which was then sold to unwitting motorists via gas stations. As confirmed by the German Press Agency, Sprecherin des Verteidigungsbündniss jetzt der Deutschen Presse Agentur, Kriminelle für den Debstahl in a field still in the Belgian-French region of Greinze in the Röhren des Leitungssystem angezapft. This was announced in June 2019, here. It contains 800,000 liters of Flugzeug-Reibstoff, which is settled here.

The Finanzpolizei newspaper in Rimini had first published a report on the comprehensive investigation into the case in Italy a few days earlier. According to Ehren Anjaben, the stolen kerosene was brought to Italy by a local gang and sold there illegally to unwitting drivers. If you have any questions about this, you won’t have to worry about it. The Italian police reported that the amount of fuel seized was about 900,000 litres.

The fallout was particularly explosive, because the proposed Central European pipeline system forms an essential part of NATO’s defense system. Stretching over Belgium, Germany, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Nederland, it is located in the foothills and Erdölerzeugnissen zucken. For example, Luftwaffe support points such as Ramstein and Büchel in the Rhineland-Pfalz are linked to storage facilities, pumping stations and the Einspeisepunkt.

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