Norwegian police, net pa case

Norwegian police, net pa case

Online up to the point These are the comments written by Netavisen Editor-in-Chief.

The country’s major parties have appointed two relatively young politicians in their 30s to spearhead the parties’ program work towards the 2025 general elections.

Both parties need political renewal, and they need to satisfy strong groups internally:

  • The Labor Party lacks clear direction and needs to find new solutions to the problems most people struggle with.
  • The Conservative Party won the election by staying afloat, but it is unlikely to survive the storm the party leader is in now.

A common denominator is a lack of interest in important matters.

It’s just weeks since Labor suffered its worst election in 99 years and has yet to become the country’s largest party in a single election.

With 21.6 percent of the vote, the party lost about 50 mayors and had to enjoy the bourgeois parties taking power in Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen (probably) and Trondheim.

At the start of the election campaign, the right was above 30 percent, but had a poor campaign and ended with 25.9 percent. Since then, the fallout has continued alongside criticism of former party leader Erna Solberg and her wife’s active stock trading. Recent opinion polls have given the party support around the election result. According to Pollofpolls.

Nettavisen’s poll was carried out by InFact and gives the Conservatives 25 per cent, but the change is within the margin of error.

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With the lowest readings in 16 months

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New signals from Tonje Brenna

He appeared for an interview with NRK’s ​​Political Quarterly on the same day that Vice President Tonje Brenna was appointed as the party’s program committee chairman. The interview also gave us a taste of what we can expect:

– Donje Brenna tells NRK that parts of the left are too caught up in the debate about benefit levels and too little about how we get people off benefits and into work, and He says he wants to be a voice for working people and taxpayers, and against the poverty of those outside..

– Some people should get benefits because they can’t work, but some people can work a little or – with some help – a lot more.

It confirms that Donje Brenna is standing firm on the so-called mission statement, and says something about a policy-making leader who wants to pull the party to the center on this important issue.

High school

An interesting similarity between Tonje Brenna and Henrik Asheim is that both abandoned their education after high school to enter politics. Both could be classified as political broilers, though Henrik Asheim added some credits from the PI Business School.

When Henrik Ascheim took office as chairman of the Conservative Party’s planning committee this summer, he told the party’s home ice that “the job of politics is to think long-term, not to be popular in the short-term,” and he raised similar issues. Climate, security policy, welfare and the need to create new values.

Signals indicate that Henrik Asheim wants to pull the conservatives toward the center.

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In other words: Both the leaders of the Conservative Party and Labour’s planning committees are heading straight for the 2025 election for so-called purple voters – voters who straddle the border between the Conservatives and Labour.

Accepted Spring 2025

Generally, parliamentary programs are adopted at the parties’ national meetings held in May of an election year.

Here is Høyre’s party program for 2021 – 2025

Here is the Labor Party’s Party Plan 2021 – 2025

Here are some key phrases:

Labor Party: “In the plan, we make three promises to voters: safe jobs for everyone, a strong welfare state that stands up for everyone, and a fair climate policy that cuts pollution and creates jobs. We’ve had eight years with a government that prioritized the wealthy more than ever. Now it’s the turn of ordinary people. .

Right: “We face many challenges in the coming years. In the short term we need to rebuild the economy. We need to create jobs to replace those we lost to the pandemic. In the long term, we need to ensure the sustainability of our welfare society. Then we need to invest in knowledge and skills. We need to create more, to include more people. want”.

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