Now Microsoft also wants to fix your stuff

Now Microsoft also wants to fix your stuff

And they have iFixit on the team.

A new tool iFixit has been created to remove screen on Microsoft Surface computers.

Not long ago, Apple announced that it would make it easier to repair iPhones and Macs for both individuals and third-party repairers, and now it appears Microsoft is following in their footsteps.

according to iFixit The tech giant has teamed up with them to make it easier to fix their Surface devices, via official tools and guides in collaboration with iFixit.

At the top of the case, you can see an image of one of the new tools created in Collaboration, which will help you remove the screen from Surface computers. In addition, there are two other special tools, as well as other equipment and guides.

The other two special tools are a new screen pasting tool after repair, and a tool to ensure the safety of the battery and motherboard during installation.

Everything is designed by Microsoft, then manufactured and distributed by iFixit.

Microsoft’s decision to offer tools to independent repairers is a step in the right direction, iFixit says in the press release about the new collaboration.

iFixit is of course not entirely objective in this context as it is part of an official collaboration and sells exclusive parts, but the company still has great credibility among tech enthusiasts when it comes to repairs. They also note that Microsoft — and other companies — have a long way to go before it aims to offer simple fixes to everyone.

We hope to be able to offer the same kind of tools to the rest of the repairers out there in the future, and Microsoft has promised to expand access to repair tools for new products during the new year.

They also add that this is just a small dip in the water, and they hope that many other companies will do the same and either make tools to fix the things they make or enter into a similar collaboration with iFixit.

Incidentally, the iFixit gave the Surface Pro X a score of 6 out of 10 on the repairability scale when tested, while the Surface Pro 7 got a score of 1 out of 10. The subsequent Surface Pro 8 has yet to receive a teardown separation score from iFixit.

It is not known if these results would change if the tools iFixit is now running were available, but they could potentially help greatly facilitate repairs.

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