Now there will be a battle for TV viewers again – VG

Now there will be a battle for TV viewers again - VG
Masurama numbers for this year: These are the new Maskurama figures for this year.

Across NRK, only three people know who this year’s “Maskorama” participants are. On Saturday, he’s ready for a new season of the popular TV series. Thus, TV 2 and “Do We Dance: All Stars” face tougher competition for TV viewers.


Because NRK1 had one Slow start on TV on Saturday So far this fall with “Best Friends of the World”, which managed to attract about 330,000 viewers only in prime times. Last fall, for comparison, “Maskorama” averaged more than 1.2 million viewers.

– Now there will be a battle for TV viewers again, says TV Director Marianne Massaoui of the media agency network Group M to VG.

About Camp: One of the best things about this situation is that “Maskorama” and “Shall We Dance” are two shows that bring the family together around the “campfire” again, says Marian Massawi.

She has great confidence in “Maskurama”.

– It will be interesting to see if there will be as many viewers this fall as last year. ‘Maskorama’ is one of the safest cards and NRK has now launched its entire PR device. That’s what people wanted last fall — and I strongly believe that’s what they want this year as well, says Masawi.

Prophet Masurama: Guess who’s hiding in the “Maskorama” costumes. Create your own leagues where you compete against friends.

She’s also excited about what that means for TV 2 and Skal vi danse: All stars, which starting Saturday will face tough competition from NRK and “Maskorama” in the first part of the show.

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Popularity: “Shall We Dance – All Stars” now faces stiffer competition on Saturday night. Here’s Iselin Guttormsen and Catalin Mihu – on Showdans from last Saturday.

– TV 2 and “Shall We Dance” have a big group. Last year, the channel experienced a slight decline when broadcasting “Maskorama”. But it picks up TV 2 again when watching recording. One of the best things about this situation, says Marianne Massawi, is that these two programs bring the family together around the “campfire” again.

Project Editor at NRK, Jan Egil Ådland told VG that only three people in the entire NRK system know the identity of all the participants in “Maskorama”.

– Only those who should know. There is enormous logistics behind this in order to keep this secret. From theater rehearsals to rehearsals to broadcasts, says Jan Egil Ådland to VG.

Only three know: – Only three in the entire NRK system know the identity of all those involved in “Maskorama,” says NRK’s ​​Project Editor, Jan Egil Adland.

The first season of “Maskorama” averaged 1,160,000 viewers and peaked at 1,439,000 at the end. Last year’s season of “Maskorama” saw an average of 1,238,000 viewers.

—This is a powerful card and has truly lived up to expectations — not least because TV viewers pressed “Maskorama” to their chest, NRK Project Editor Jan Egil Ådland tells VG.

Kim Stromstad at Fremantle is the producer and he says all the characters arrive at rehearsals and broadcasts with masks and masks where it is written “Don’t talk to me”. Participants are transported by car to different meeting points that vary from time to time.

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Basically, participants are not allowed to tell anyone else that they are in the competition. But we understand that you rarely have to involve someone else to make it work. At the same time, it is important to reduce it to a minimum. This is a game that everyone knows is best when everyone is involved in the game, says Kim Stromstad.

He is also responsible for selecting the participants of the “Maskorama”.

We proceed very carefully and ask a few questions. Fortunately, we have many different categories of people to choose from. Those with whom we meet, we always open by saying: “This conversation did not happen.”

It’s the hardest and weirdest adventure I’ve been in, says Ulrikke Brandstorp, who won the first season of “Maskorama.”

– They don’t play “Maskorama”. This is bloody dangerous, Ulrikke continues.

She says that she and the other participants knew little about what they were getting into, whether it was failure or success at all times.

– Very few people know that I was in “Maskurama”. Only those who need knowledge. My management, fiancé, mom and dad. At the same time, all the secrecy surrounding the engagement made it very exciting. Ulric Brandstorp says:

Guest Detective: Ulrikke Brandstorp will be the guest detective in the new season of “Maskorama”.

She does not hide that being on stage during the broadcast was very difficult.

– Visibility was limited, little movement – and there wasn’t much fresh air either. But it just got better, says Ulrikke.

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She looks back on her participation in “Maskorama” with great pleasure.

– I wish there was a season of “Maskorama – All Stars”, says Ulrikke with a smile.

But if there isn’t an all-star season of Maskorama, Ulrikke will actually appear as a guest investigator on the season’s first show:

– I love the show and look forward to being with the rest of the gang to guess and guess. Enthusiastic Ulrike Brandstrup says I’m in full swing zooming in on all the press photos to decipher all the details.

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