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Statsminister Jonas Gahr Støre i Politisk kvarter

– Now that we have the final touches, we will be relaxed. Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store today told Politisk Kvarter that municipalities will now complete their tasks and do the work assigned to them.

The government has promised to hold a referendum on whether residents of Santalen and Chokne will be part of Christian Chand’s large municipality.

Store agrees that the consequences of municipal reform are demanding of the government.

– Rent things like this. It strikes me when I see good party colleagues getting frustrated, says Store.

Do not listen to Forsand

The role of SP leader Trickway Sloxvolt underscores how important it is to hear what residents of the two former municipalities in Sørlandet have to say.

A little further west, we have the initiatives of the same citizens in Rogaland, Chokne and Sangdalen.

Here, the former Forsyth municipality will be part of the Strand municipality, and not the Sandness as they are part of today. Bent Hoy, the state administrator in Rogaland, approved the change.

Here, the government chose not to listen to the initiative of the citizens.

– If we ask people for advice, we should follow the advice. What happened to the party that listened to the people and took them seriously? Said Alf Heckheim, committee chairman of the Center Party in Forsyth.

– Why does the government want to hear from those in Chokne, not those in Forsyth?

– These are two different cases. These cases all have different origins. Here it is not a matter of changing boundaries again, but of setting a new boundary, the store says.

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– Did they end up listening to people say change is needed in municipal boundaries?

– Yes, now we will have peace. Store says we are adults in the face of uncertainty and then need to put an end to it.

Jonas Gahr considers that municipal affairs in Støre, Rogaland and Agder are different. Here with Secretary of State Siri Hayton.

Photo: Mathias Moene Rød / NRK

There is no horse trade

The decision on the referendum in the former municipalities in Sørlandet is difficult for local labor politicians in Christian County.

In Rogaland, the winner of the municipal war was Labor Mayor Stanley Virac.

Store rejects the idea that there should be a secret agreement between the ruling party to violate the Hartal site, violate local democracy and support the referendum in these two municipalities.

– There are many such theories. He says if you sit in a government, it should go up.

– What did Forsand come to say about the Labor Party or the Center Party?

– The Minister of Local Government has presented his resolution. We agree with this, says Store.

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