– Off and on with sun and rain

– Off and on with sun and rain

From the southern parts of Nordland and further south, the weather will be very changeable over the weekend. This will continue into early next week and the meteorologist is urging people to be prepared for the ever-changing weather.

– It’s been on and off with sun and rain, then some sun, then some rain again, says Marian Abrek, meteorologist at StormGeo.

– Now there will be no major changes before it looks like sunshine before turning into rain or vice versa.

As for the temperature, according to meteorologists, there will not be any major changes in the coming days.

— It ranges from fifteen to two twenty degrees, depending on whether it is cloudy or sunny. If you sit in the sun, it may warm up, but not as hot as before.

Between rain showers, large areas of eastern Norway can grill again. In both Oslo, Follo, Romerike and Østfold, extraordinary bans against open flames are now in place. Cancelled.

Not autumn weather

Now it seems, Aubrek explains, that Saturday is the day most people get good weather in southern Norway.

— but then again, if that changes, it could rain Saturday afternoon.

According to the meteorologist, it is difficult to predict exactly how much rain will fall, where and when it will fall.

– but the first half on Friday will be wet.

Although there will be some rain in southern Norway over the next few days, the meteorologist assures that there is no fall weather on the way.

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– It won’t be very wet everywhere, but if a thunderstorm hits where you are, it’s sure to be a lot of rain. Where it actually rains there may be thunder.

It is better in the north

While southern Norway faces a weekend of changing weather, it’s looking good further north.

– The weather is good in northern Norway, and this continues through the weekend, says Abrek.

– The disadvantage in the north is that the coastal areas are exposed to fog, which lowers the temperature. Where it is away, it is 15 to 20 degrees.

However, one part of northern Norway is slightly colder than the rest.

– In the eastern parts of Finnmark it is exactly 10, because they receive sea air from the Barents Sea.

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