Nyhende, Odda | Skips asking for tickets from the audience: – No idea if people paid

– We have already received inquiries from people who want to go. Many of them say it’s been a long time since they last went to a Christmas party, says Hilda Kro-Engesauter from Bimischönen.

The Rom i Herberget concert, with Gypsy orchestra Solfrid Molland and Gjertrud, costs NOK 200 per adult.

Now it will be completely possible to experience the spirit of Christmas completely free of charge. This will happen simply by not checking tickets at the front door.

The City Mission, Voluntary Centre, Odda Church, Parish Council and Ullensvang Municipality are behind this game.

– We want to invite all residents of Odda to a church Christmas party on Sunday. Everyone enters for free or they can pay an entry/collection ticket – completely voluntary. We want to include everyone, even families with up to ten children. Going to a Christmas party in December can be a big expense and we want everyone to have this good Christmas atmosphere with joy, mood, love and spaciousness. That’s why we also stand together, all of these agencies, to spread a little Christmas cheer this Christmas season, says John Graffdale Elton.

The traditional concert at Christmas time in Odda Church under the auspices of Oddakonsertene was very popular. This year, the concert is just one of several pre-Christmas concerts. In November, Helen Boxel was at the cinema, and Ellen Vorobotten was on stage at Etney. There will also be a concert in Røldal and Skare before Christmas.

The room at the Herberget, with orchestras of gypsies Solfried Molland and Gertrude, in the Ude chapel is still a great investment.

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– We do not order tickets and therefore do not know whether people have paid or not. Elton says the only thing we want is for as many people as possible to be together on an evening during Advent to celebrate Christmas.

The organizer states that there has been a good supply of tickets so far. The goal is to fill the entire church with people.

Christmas parties before Christmas

Odda’s parties are not the only ones inviting people to create a Christmas atmosphere before Christmas. Below you will find a small selection of pre-Christmas parties and events:

December 8th

Christmas decorations in Utne

Frode Grytten Beat Band in Odda with an absolute oxymoron! Ring – a – ding – dong – ding.

December 9th

Thomas Dybdal holds a concert at the Lofthus Ekspedisjon with Eric Bowen Grafdal as support.

Otney Church will be holding a Christmas party

December 10th

Christmas market in Odda with stalls and a concert. A number of choirs will be on stage.

Lars Bly comes to the House of Literature to ring in Christmas and talk about his book A Glimpse of Childhood.

The ladies in red are playing at the Cinderella Tavern.

Sunday 11th December

Chambers in Herberget in Odda Church. Christmas party that highlights the Christmas message of giving home space, vitality and humanity.

Christmas party at Gondal Church.

December 12th

Christmas fair in the Church of the Return.

December 13th

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Santa’s March in Røldal

Lucia celebrate school and kindergarten

Wed 14 Dec

Advent food at Odda Parish Hall

Christmas Magic with Amelie and Eric Aldner at Roldal Stave Church

Wed 14 Dec

Herburg Krakicevik in Gondal Church.

Thursday, December 15th

This year’s Christmas party from Lions Club Odda

Friday 16th December

Christmas laughter and laughter with comedian Roarbreak.

Concert with Maria Digranes at Ullensvang Church.

Saturday 17th December

Pre-Christmas party at Vidar Villa

Sunday 18th December

Christmas party with Odda Musikklag and guests at Odda Church.

Stjernesludd Christmas party. Get in the mood with Christmas stories and carols at Røldal Church.

Christmas Square in Nå.

In addition, a number of smaller and larger events take place before Christmas and during Christmas in Rome, the stage is set for both concerts, football at Christmas in Rome, and competitions. The volunteer center has prepared an overview of what is happening in the municipality, which you can find here.

Tell us about the events at [email protected]

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