June 8, 2023


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Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Biathlon |  Sheikh Bo won:

Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Biathlon | Sheikh Bo won:

Tarjei Bø was superior to the joint start at Sjusjøen.

During the opening of the Norway Athlete’s Cup in Sjusjøen, large parts of the elite were in place, including Tarjei Bø, Sturla Holm Lægreid and Johannes Dahle.

Johannes Thingness Poe was forced to stand up due to the cold, which opened the doors for others to fight for the top positions.

Big brother Tarjee was set to prove too strong for the rivals at Sjusjøen, when he stopped the rest of the field on the last lap and won the joint start.

His big dream is to become an Olympic champion, and start the season by putting competitors where they are, says NRK’s ​​Stabrun Smith in Bø until the end.

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A completely different world

The Chinese national team was also present in Sjusjøen, with head coach Ole Einar Bjørndalen in the lead. The biathlon legend was appointed head coach just over two years ago, to raise the bar ahead of the Olympics at home, and could tell of a tough period.

The training of Chinese athletes is completely different from the Norwegian ones. It’s not very self-propelled, so you need to be present for every exercise. We have to be in shape and to be able to take part in the sessions, Bjørndalen told NRK, who takes responsibility for training with his wife Darja Domratseva.

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– I must say it’s a completely different world, so you can’t think of running a similar system as in Norway. One gets very frustrated along the way, because of the many difficult situations along the way. What almost inappropriate situations on TV are, because they are so much different.

But finally with an example:

– In biathlon, you can train something, if you get an injury. In China, you have to lie still if you get scratched or fall on a roller skate. Last year we had a female athlete who was told to stay in bed for four weeks, then we got tight and she went back on skates for four days. Legend has it that the Chinese then did not dare to say much.

believe victory

It was a very smooth joint start in Sjusjøen during the national opening in Sjusjøen, with many good French at first.

Last year’s big comet, Sturla Holm Lægreid, was in the lead throughout the race, but was visited by Targée Poe, Vettel Sjestad Kristiansen, Emilian Jacqueline and Quentin Fillon Maier in the final round.

– Look at Tarjei Bø at the oar hill stopping Lægreid and Christianen, came from NRK’s ​​Andreas Stabrun Smith

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Bø went to the finish line alone, and could cheer for a great start to the season in Sjusjøen ahead of France’s Fillon Maillet and Emilien Jacquelin.

– I’m a poor runner, so it was nice to be able to breathe a little while running. It was a little tricky, so I thought I should go because they didn’t expect me to go. I had to take him to bed for a bit, and I did, Bø tells NRK after the victory.

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