One dies after crash at Gamvik – search ends today – NRK Troms and Finnmark

One dies after crash at Gamvik - search ends today - NRK Troms and Finnmark

Police and search teams ended up searching for another man believed to be dead.

The search continues on Monday 09:00 from the Slettnes lighthouse.

– Study conditions are very demanding. Four people from the search team and a snowmobile were injured due to the dark and bad weather, said Robin Fuer, operations manager for the Finmark Police District.

According to police, the 2 must be father and son.

HRS completes search for air

The main rescue center in northern Norway completed its search for the missing person at 17:00, they said in a statement.

Police, with the help of other search crews, will continue the search operation on shore until appropriate today.

The overall picture is that HRS considers it impossible to find the last missing person alive.

The weather has made the search difficult. In addition to the boat and one of the dead, an unopened naval suitcase and two surviving suits were found.

Domestic lifeboat

At 15:40, a lifeboat named Peter Henry van Gogh was taken away from the search for another man, the primary rescue center (HRS) in northern Norway reported to the NTB.

This is due to the challenging weather conditions prevailing in the area. Sea King helicopter and search operation continued on the beach.

Police say the boat involved in the accident was found not far from the slate lighthouse. Nearby, a search team found the dead man.

– We hope to find the other person on the beach, says Robin Feuer, operations manager for the Finmark Police District.

– The main rescue center confirms that someone died on the ground near the crash, he says Frode Iverson, Press Officer I HRS.

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The person was found At 14:40 Land search team.

According to HRS, the relatives have been informed.

The shark was spotted at Slateness on the northern Cain Peninsula.

The search continues

There should have been two people on the scanner and they are said to be missing at 9.28am.

The search for the other person continues, HRS confirms.

Now the search becomes mainly a beach search in the area where the accident and the wreckage were found.

– We think it’s primarily a chance to make a discovery, but the weather is so bad that it’s not possible to do a useful search at sea, says Iversen.

At about 11:20 a.m., the missing shark was found on land south of the last known location, writes Howetredningcentrolon. News releases.

According to the HRS, the boat is located in the municipality of Haswick. It crashed on the North Kyn Peninsula while going crab fishing in the Skjånes area of ​​Tanafjord.

Tough weather

According to the main recovery center, exploration conditions in the area are difficult.

By 2pm it was already dark at Finmark Beach. The wind is blowing at a speed of 20 knots from the north and partly heavy snowfall, with 3 m strong breakwater on the ground. Currently the view is reduced to 50 meters due to snowfall. The terrain is steep and inaccessible.

– This means that it is not possible to search effectively in the open sea, the Primary Rescue Center writes in a press release.

The HRS application was made from the sea with the lifeboat Peter Henry van Goss. From the air, teams search for HRS by Sea King helicopter and on the ground, with the help of volunteers and police.

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Crisis level personnel

– Mayor Eva Hasby says we can confirm that we have been informed that Schoener is in Haswick.

According to him, the municipality’s crisis administration met at about 13. Husby says the municipality’s psychological community committee has been set up to help relatives.

– Haswick Church opened from kl. 17 If one needs a quiet moment, Hasby says.

Mayor Eva Hasby says crisis staff have been hired in Haswick municipality.

Photo: Ksenia Novikova / NRK

In Gamvik municipality, Mayor Alf Norman Hansen is also closely monitoring the situation.

– It is sad that someone died in the first place, he says.

But now he believes the focus is on finding a second person.

At Gamvik, a psychological crisis team is also set up to look after relatives and the general population of the municipality.

Began to search for disturbing news

Just got Sunday 9:30 In HRS Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

According to AIS tracking The school has been stationary since 4 p.m. Slatons on the Northern Cain Peninsula. Even the place According to the main recovery center, there is an unnatural area.

– Then we used the Kystradio Nord to communicate with the boat. Couldn’t do it. We sent a lifeboat from Mehmood to check the case, he says Iverson.

Lifeboat Peter Henry von Goss

The lifeboat Peter Henry van Goss is now assisting in the search for survivors in the Slateness on the North Kin Peninsula.

Photo: Rescue Company

The situation gradually developed into a major search, and then the Sea King helicopter was sent from Panak. 10.

The main rescue center accepted the identities of the people who were said to be on board.

The land search operation is coordinated by the Finmark Local Rescue Center.

Here is the message from Major Recovery Center.

Leif Magne Johansen from Mehamn sent the message of concern. He is a fisherman and belongs to the genre of interest. When he enters the surveillance website and observes the shark, he gets a bad impression.

Leaf Magney Johansen was the one who alerted the lifeboat when he spotted a shark standing in the same spot for an unusually long time.

Leaf Magne Johansson is an avid genius and spends a lot of time on maritime surveillance websites.

Photo: Private

– I know this part well and will never go out in such weather.

He enjoyed drowning himself and wanted to warn once more and once less.

– Looking back, it’s okay if I announced more than once, says Johansson.

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