The weather is getting colder – now the snow is coming – Viji

The weather is getting colder - now the snow is coming - Viji
White: Snow is coming in southern Norway. In the north of the country, the rainfall goes ashore until frost.

The Center for Meteorology on Sunday warned of cold weather and snowfall in many parts of the country on Monday.


– A mild October Sunday over the whole landscape, but now it is cold. In southern Norway, you have to cover the snow at an altitude of 600-800 meters above sea level, while in northern Norway you can get snow all the way up to the cliffs, the meteorological agency writes on Twitter.

Snow is expected at altitudes of 600–800 m above sea level in Trøndelag and More og Romsdal, while in western Norway it is snowing above 800–1000 m above sea level south of Stady.

Temperatures have been dropping since Monday, but there may be warmer weather in the south of the country. According to meteorologists, the weather type will generally be cold in the future.

Recommend winter tires

– It is now gradually shifting to colder climates across the country. Monday first. In southern Norway, meteorologists at the Center for Meteorology, Eldbjorg Moxnus, tell Viji that the mountains become snowy from night to day.

He says winter tires are the smartest thing for those who are going through a lot of changes.

– If you are going to travel with summer tires, you should go as soon as possible. Before nightfall. If you are going to pass out later in the week, switch to winter tires to be on the safe side, says the meteorologist.

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If you have changed tires, traveling up the mountain should not be a special problem. No heavy snow or strong winds were reported at the crossings.

It may not be a problem if you have winter tires, but summer tires are not a good idea, Moxnus insists.

– Not uncommon

In northern Norway, there may be snow up to the coast, and meteorologist Moxnes says winds in the north will be cooler throughout the week.

– In northern Norway, winter is accessible in low-lying areas. Eldborg Moxnus at the Center for Meteorology says the weather we have now is not unusual

– In southern Norway, on the other hand, there will be no winter right now in the lowlands. But in October we had mild weather. It may feel a little extra winter, she says.

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