One of Norway’s most notorious fraudsters has returned to US prisons after nine years

One of Norway's most notorious fraudsters has returned to US prisons after nine years

Waleed Ahmed is in Skakum in 2011. Top left, black tie, 20 yrs.

The media loved him. Investors paid him millions. The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess invited him to dinner.

In the United States, he was arrested by the Norwegian FBI and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Waleed Ahmed is here in 2022, a few weeks after landing in Norway. Famous friends are gone.

He is nine years older, quieter and older, but still confident. So the question is: what now?

One of Norway’s most notorious fraudsters wants to be forgotten. Tell his story in books, podcasts, movies, magazines and lectures.

It started at McDonald’s.

Waleed Ahmed and a friend sat for a day in 2009 at a restaurant table in the Sky Shopping Center, 20 minutes outside of Oslo in 2009. The two young men wrote an idea on a napkin: an iPhone cover that could charge the phone with solar cells.

At least that’s the story Ahmed told.

Since then, his story – about success and millions and fraud and imprisonment in the United States – has been featured in countless newspaper articles, a feature on CNN, and a radio documentary about the NRK. Last year came the documentary and the eight-episode podcast.

In 2015, I wrote about Ahmed’s fraud story in A-magazine. Then we were in touch. Through the prison’s knot news system, he often wrote news with confidence. Book deal signed! The documentary was coming!

In 2018, he wrote: “Maybe it’s a Hollywood movie later, but it’s a mystery 🙂 Anyway, it’s been less than 4 years since I came to Norway.”

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When the podcast came out last fall, a few months before its release, Ahmed advertised it on Instagram and sent me a message on Messenger. He promised that A-Press would receive its first interview when he returned to Norway.

Then quiet. You can not whine when one of Norway’s most famous fraudsters breaks a contract.

But in April a text message came from a Norwegian magazine.

He came back, he wrote.

‘Will we meet on Thursday 1330 Sky? Do you have coffee? Haha 🙂

If it is not true that Waleed Ahmed came up with a brilliant idea at McDonald’s in Sky in 2007, then at least it’s for sure: 15 years later, on Thursday, April 13, at 13:40, he jumped through the door of the same restaurant. .

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