OpenAI has launched a new version of the script bot – more advanced than ChatGPT

OpenAI has launched a new version of the script bot – more advanced than ChatGPT

OpenAI has launched a new and improved version of its scripting bot. It is said to perform as well as humans at certain tasks.

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The company’s announcement came on Tuesday. The new version of the script bot is called GPT-4 – it is more advanced than its predecessor ChatGPT, which has been getting a lot of attention in recent months.

We’ve created GPT-4, the latest milestone in OpenAI’s efforts to expand deep learning, the company says.

Alphabet adventure

In the company sites Are there examples of what the new computer program can do. One example is a short summary of the fairy tale about Cinderella where the first letter of the words in the abstract is the alphabet.

In the long term, GPT-4 should be able to generate text based on images.

According to Open AI, GPT-4 outperforms ChatGPT in tests used to certify US attorneys — and in tests used in a biology competition for high school students.

– beats lawyers

The script bot allegedly does this as well as the top 10 percent of lawyers on the bar exam.

That’s a big jump from ChatGPT, which tends to score in line with the bottom 10 percent on the standardized bar test.

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Technology is growing at an amazing rate. Behind it stands a company like no other.

ChatGPT scripting bot has generated a lot of interest after its launch in November last year. One immediate consequence has been that schools around the world have to think of new ways to stop students from using artificial intelligence (AI) to cheat on tests and exams.

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According to OpenAI, CPT-4 can write lyrics for songs and plays. The script bot can also copy the user’s personal style when designing texts.

In the development of artificial intelligence, OpenAI competes with many American technology giants. Alphabet introduced several new AI tools on Tuesday, including a “magic wand” that can be used to draft texts in Google Docs.

Thomas Kurian, Head of Google Cloud, said at a press conference: – In this next phase, we allow people to have the support of an AI collaboration partner.

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