Opponents of electric cars may lose a widely used argument

Opponents of electric cars may lose a widely used argument

One thing that still makes many people hesitant to buy an electric car.

No – we’re no longer talking about range anxiety, but about charging anxiety. Many are afraid of charging queues, they think the charging process is taking too long and may also be unsure how to go about it.

But we are still in the cradle of electric cars. Although the development was enormous within ten years, no one rested on their laurels. It is constantly researched, improved and developed. Either on batteries or with charging.

in 2027

In a few years, we will be able to charge our electric cars much faster than today.

That’s at least according to the team of researchers behind a study that analyzed and studied 30,000 data points.

Based on the study, the research team believes that they should be able to develop a charging method that does not destroy the battery through frequent fast charging. They also claim that in 2027 we will be charging our electric cars faster than we charge our cell phones. It is written by recognized experts Washington Post

Everything indicates that electric cars will be shipped faster in just a few years.

How to avoid charging traps with an electric car

Comprehensive Shipping Analytics

In concrete terms, the research team analyzed data from several thousand express shipments. This data was entered into computers for analysis.

In return, I received calculations showing when and how optimally electric car batteries are charged during the charging process. Based on this, it should be possible to develop a charging cycle that takes advantage of the new findings.

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trust key

In just a few years, researchers believe the development has come so far in charging technology that the battery in an electric car can be charged up to 90 percent in just ten minutes.

Fast charging is the key to consumer confidence in the electric vehicle. This was said by Eric Duvik, who presented the results of the study to the American Chemical Society.

When this becomes a reality in a few years, charging won’t take much longer than it currently takes to fill your tank.

Thus, opponents of electric cars are losing a widely used argument.

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