Opposition unites against government’s lack of climate plan – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Opposition unites against government’s lack of climate plan – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

If we are to achieve such ambitious climate goals, industry, business and the public alike need to know what climate policy will address.

Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde of the Conservative Party says so. He calls government a “climate sink.”

She is not alone in thinking that.

“Naughty weather-fancy”

Despite the broad climate policies, the Conservative Party, Frp, KrF, MDG, Rødt and SV are now united in their dissatisfaction with what they believe is the government’s flawed climate plan.

In 2021, the Storr government decided that by 2030 Norway would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent compared to 1990 levels. Norway is currently down 4.7 percent SSP

Before summer, unanimously SThey said the government should present an updated plan on how Norway will achieve the target.

But in hindsight, the government has said it will submit a report to the Storting for the period up to 2035.

The opposition reacts saying that the government has pushed back the clock. In addition, the Government’s mention of the Green Book attached to the State Budget as a satisfactory climate plan has caused great dissatisfaction.

“A cheeky climate trick”, the opposition calls it. They believe that the Green Paper lacks concrete measures and violates democracy.

Six politicians outside the Storting.

For once, FRP, Høyre, Krf, MDG, Rødt and SV stand together on the climate issue.

Photo: Selina Therese Echolt / NRK

A rare unity

On Tuesday, the opposition met NRK outside the Storting. Together they have a majority in the Storting. But rarely do these parties come together on the climate issue.

This is an important collaboration to force the government to present a Storing report that they do not want to present. Lars Haltbrecken says in SV.

As the Government’s Green Paper is attached to the State Budget, it is not considered in the Storting. All the opposition parties are strongly opposed to this.

There is currently a huge democratic vacuum in climate policy, says Une Bastholm at MDG.

He believes Grønn Bok lacks many activities and refers to it as a “draft”.

It’s simply dirty for the government not to submit a report to the Storting on an important matter that helps the Storting deal with the entire climate policy, says Bastholm.

I think the plan is set

For his part, Climate and Environment Minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Ap) points out that, in addition to the Green Paper, the government will submit a climate report next year.

He disagreed with the claim that the government had not come up with a satisfactory plan.

– The Green Book is a very important tool for achieving climate goals, says Erickson.

But Eriksson did not answer NRK about the period to which the 2024 climate report applies.

– Is the climate report about the road to 2024 to 2035 or the road after 2030 to 2035?

– We will come back when exactly the report for the Storting we will present next year will be, he answered.

Political advisor Kristoffer André Hansen and Climate and Environment Minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Ap)

Climate Minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksson (AP).

Photo: Amanda Iverson Orlich / NRK

Erickson emphasizes that everything you do in the coming years is important.

– The new minister says that the climate report must have 2035 as a perspective and the years before 2035 cannot be taken into account.

In response to criticism that the presentation of the Green Paper was not a democratic process, Erickson says:

– I believe that there is nothing more democratic than presenting how we are going to reduce the tons at the same time as presenting our proposal for the state budget.

He points out that the adoption of the national budget is Storting.

Une Bastholm, Mathilde Tiebring-Giget and Terje Halleland.

Une Bastholm (MDG), Mathilde Tybring-Gjedde (H) and Terje Halleland (Frp) together demand that the government develop a climate plan for the road to 2030.

Photo: Selina Therese Echolt / NRK

FrAt: It is doubtful whether the targets will be met

We are very skeptical that we will meet the climate targets, says Terje Halleland at FRP.

Halleland believes that the government has set ambitious goals for Norway, but when the time for implementation approaches, they postpone.

– I believe that ambitious climate goals require ambitious actions. Then we need to know what the ambitious measures are. I am a little afraid that the government is now planning to talk about 2035 and beyond 2030.

The Conservative Party is also clear that the Government must act now:

If you keep the same climate policy, it won’t help the new climate minister. Norway lacks electricity, grid and a reliable climate plan. Tiebring-Gjede says the government should provide it.

Andreas Bjelland says he thinks Erikson’s criticism is strange. He believes Norway is well on its way to reducing emissions by 2030.

– Green Book shows us that we are moving towards the goal, says Erickson.

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