Oslo Børs: Industrial stocks fall after insider sales

Oslo Børs: Industrial stocks fall after insider sales

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The marginal rise in the headline index on Oslo Börs diminished, and the index rose by 10.15 (just 0.03 percent). During the previous week, the main index rose by 1.7 percent.


“WTI and Brent crude oil fell on Monday morning as investors adjusted to demand-side concerns following a significant increase in the US producer price index,” concluded Priyanka Sachdeva, an analyst at Philip Nova. Reuters.

April contract price for a barrel of North Sea oil Brent Down 1 percent to $82.70 per barrel. March contract for West Texas Intermediate crude oil– Oil fell 1.90 percent to $77.70 per barrel.

moderation– The stock rose by 0.9 percent at opening, while Aker BB Decreases 0.4 percent.

March contract is on TTFGas fell by 1 percent to 24.60 euros per megawatt.

Our energy Decreases 2.8 percent. The stock trades on Monday ex-dividend of NOK 1.14 per share. stock, which is still above the price drop of 0.9 euros per share.


after Norbit Q4 numbers were presented last week, and the stock price soared. On Monday, it was reported that several insiders took advantage, selling Norbit shares. Among the sellers was technology director Arild Soroni, who sold 50,000 shares.

At the very least, Norbit's founder, Stephen Kirkness, sold a total of 2 million shares, worth NOK 62 each, increasing Kirkness's bank account by NOK 124 million.

Norbit stock fell at the open – on the highest apparent trading volume since the start – The price fell by 6.50 percent after an hour and a half of trading.

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Pluschips It presented its fourth-quarter numbers on Monday morning, as the only company on the Oslo Stock Exchange to report on Monday. There, the company made a profit of $22.6 million and pays a dividend of 0.60 kroner per share. stock. The share rose by 3.9 percent on these numbers.

Jinsedig Forseeking The company is considering obtaining a loan of NOK 800 million through a Tier 2 bond issue. DNB and Nordea act as arms carriers. The stock fell 0.4 percent.

Rana Gruber It fell by 5.9 percent after half an hour of trading, which equates to a decline of NOK 4.80 per day. stock. The stock trades on Monday ex-dividend at NOK 4.27 per share. stock, which means that a decrease in price means a real decrease in price.

Aurora propertyowned by, among others, Johan Johansson, Christian Ringnes and Peter Stordalen, has engaged SpareBank 1 Markets as Market maker In order to improve the liquidity of the stock, the company said Monday morning. The stock rose 0.6 percent.

liquefied petroleum gas Announces that it has completed an investment of $30 million (about NOK 315 million) in Confidence Petroleum India. This investment has been made to support confidence as the company expands its capacity within its LPG production activities. The stock rose 0.8 percent.

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