Over NOK 2,000 more expensive?! – Itavicin

Over NOK 2,000 more expensive?!  – Itavicin

Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets better optical zoom with a new telescope lens. It is expected that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max will get the improved lens in the fall of next year.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max price could start at NOK 17,490

Therefore, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the more expensive model (there is now a rumor of a price increase About 2000 NOK for iPhone 15 Pro Max) this year, it will be the most popular. And the cost of the new lens will be four times more expensive than previous generations. From the start, there have been rumors of a NOK 600 price increase, but this likely only applies to the iPhone 15 Pro if the new information is correct.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is likely to be unveiled on September 12 (Apple may send invitations this afternoon), will account for 35 to 40 percent of all iPhone 15 series shipments. If Apple chooses to increase the price by 200 Dollars, that’s roughly 2,000 kronor here in Norway and a price that would approach 18,000 kronor for just 128GB of storage space. Perhaps as a band-aid, Apple will increase the minimum storage space from 128 to 256 GB, but that would only be speculation.

“dropping leather covers for environmental reasons”

On the eve of 2023, iPhone 15 Pro Max shipments are expected to increase by 10 percent compared to iPhone 14 Pro Max in the same period last year. “It means that Apple is optimistic about the selling point of the lens, which is only available in the iPhone 15 Pro Max,” Kuo explains.

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In other iPhone 15 related news, it is reported that the leather covers will be replaced with a new cover made of woven material. According to Apple blog 9To5Mac, the reason must be environmental. If that’s the case, Apple will probably highlight that, although many will probably miss the leather covers that Apple has offered for years.

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