Paradise Hotel, Censored | Questions uploaded after these pictures: – Steal the focus from the whole episode

Paradise Hotel, Censored |  Questions uploaded after these pictures: - Steal the focus from the whole episode

That’s why the “Paradise Hotel” censors Ludwig Dering’s jacket.

Tuesday’s episode of “Paradise Hotel” provided viewers with excitement and drama as the time bomb decides which of the participants will leave the next hotel.

Participants enthusiastically ran from room to room to get rid of the bomb they had given each other, and everyone who remained with the bomb when it exploded had to leave the hotel.

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Despite the intense drama that unfolded on the screen, it was an entirely different detail that caught the attention of TV viewers.

Previously censored shirt offered

The shirt worn by participant Ludvig Dyreng (22 years old) was censored throughout the episode with large, diluted spots.

According to the 22-year-old, he received many comments in the form of messages on social media from viewers who questioned why his shirt was being censored, and what was actually hiding behind the censorship.

– It’s really not my shirt once. I borrowed it and it was shown on TV before. The Balenciaga logo (the designer brand, journal.anm) has been banned, but I’ve worn clothes with much bigger logos than that, Dyreng tells Nettavisen.

– To me, it doesn’t matter if they censor what I wear, but it seems strange. The spots take a lot of focus out of the loop. I’ve been getting a lot of messages about it, and it’s a little sad that this is what takes the focus out of a very interesting episode in the first place. They can’t help but ask me to take it off, he continues.

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Strict dress code

According to NENT, which produces “Paradise Hotel,” it is not uncommon for logos on clothing and other personal items to be censored when the program is shown on television.

– When it comes to skateboarding logos, it’s often in accordance with the regulations we have to abide by. Sometimes, like other channels, we also choose to browse the logos that represent the brands of the participants, Nnet program director Christian Menseth tells Nettavisen.

Why this shirt was censored, while other clothes did not become so during the season, the channel did not comment.

According to Dearing, there were strict rules when it came to clothing inside the hotel.

– We were harassed before and after check-in about what kind of clothes we were wearing and not feeling well. Because of sponsorship agreements and the like, we weren’t allowed to wear clothes with big Nike and Adidas logos, among other things, Dyreng says.

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According to Dearing, there were several clothes that he was asked not to bring to the hotel. Also during the pairing ceremony, he was asked to change his clothes once.

– At first I wore a white shirt, but then I was asked to change. So at the pairing party, I was wearing a red pique, he says.

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