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Andreas Ihlebæk

– It’s simply a window into an incredible number of people, Ahlipek says.

Piano Chill from Apple Music is one of the largest classic playlists in the world.

The list includes 15 of his own songs, but he has also chosen to include other Norwegian musicians.

Musicians who, among other things Live of Andsons, Julia Gertzen, Ola Gjilo.

Norway is a small country and being able to get Norwegian music out on such a big platform means a huge amount, he says.

The playlist has millions of listeners from all over the world.

Large and popular playlists from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music often have many regular listeners.

Classical Essentials from Spotify, for example, has over two million followers.

Sad for millions of listeners

It can provide insight for artists.

The list also includes a piece by Edvard Grieg.

The pianist says it’s still hard to accept that he can curate a playlist.

Photo: Marius Troy

“Now Grieg doesn’t exactly need any traction assistance, but I think it would have been appropriate to have a piece of Grieg as well,” he says and laughs.

Andreas Ihlebæk believes that playlists have become one of the most important platforms for musicians.

– Playlists have become the most accessible needle. This is where you connect with a huge number of people who love the same thing as you.

Playlists killed the radio star?

Music streaming services are the most important distribution channel for recorded music, so playlists have become very important as well, says Anja Nylund Hagen.

Anja Nylund Hagen

Anja Nylund Hagen thinks it’s a good opportunity for Ihlebæk to make Norwegian music visible.

Photo: UiO

She is a musicologist and has previously researched how playlists control listening habits. Today she works in the Cultural Council.

There are several million songs competing in streaming services, so the audience needs help navigating this system and then the playlist has become a major channel for music to come out.

According to the musicologist, this is a good opportunity for your hippies to show off their music.

– Ihlebæk will be the coordinator of the quality label for the selection on the list, and it gives credence that the well-known composer and musician has chosen the music.

Nylund Hagen thinks this shows that streaming services choose songs that are visible in streaming services.

– Emphasizes what some other researchers have called the regulatory role in energy services.

what does that mean?

This means that streaming services have a significant self-interest in which music is highlighted and placed in playlists, and therefore has significant defining power over the music that succeeds or does not succeed in the market.

– So if you are not elected or given priority, you can also fall into the same system.

Watch Liebeck perform “I’m With You” at Moon Festival.

Ihlebæk performs “Im with you” at the Moon Festival in Fredrikstad in 2021.

The songs selected by Ihlebæk are inspired by nature.

– I am so happy to be in the jungle and the sea, so it became the subject of my playlist. I searched for pieces that gave me a sense of nature and it’s not hard to find in Norwegian music.

Listen to the playlist she has.

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