Plaintiff Netflix before the new season

Plaintiff Netflix before the new season

The Netflix series “Tiger King” was released when the entire world went into epidemic decline in 2020. The series was a huge success on the streaming service, and the second season is now expected on November 17 this year. Not everyone is happy with that.

It became known this week that Carol Baskin, who plays a pivotal role in the first season, is suing Netflix over clips of films meant to be seen in the new season, writing TMZ.

Baskin and her husband, Howard Baskin, are behind Big Cat Rescue. They believe the movie clips featuring Carol in the new season trailer give a wrong picture of reality, he writes New York Post.

Baskin now wants the court to force Netflix to delete all of its recordings in commercials and trailers. She claims that only clips that will be used in Season 2 are not included in Season 1 and that old interviews are cropped to look new.

The pair believe Netflix broke a contract by showing them movie clips in the new season trailer, because the two only signed a release agreement for the first season, The New York Post wrote.

Netflix should not respond to newspaper inquiries.

He refused to be in the second season

In May, Baskin said Sixth page They will definitely not participate in the new season.

“I asked them to lose my number,” Baskin said.

She also expressed that she felt cheated by the producers about the role she should be playing in the series. She herself claimed that the producers made her believe that, as an animal protection activist, she should be the heroine of the series, wrote Page Six.

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However, the first season focused on Baskin’s ex-husband, who disappeared in 1997. Fans wondered if Baskin himself had anything to do with the disappearance. She believes the series has contributed to this speculation.

Carol Baskin was the main character in the first season of the series along with animal guard Joe Exotic, who is now serving 22 years in prison for plotting the murder of a hitman.

– character kill

In 2020, Baskin participated in Dancing with the Stars which is the American version of the Norwegian dance show Skal vi danse.

In an interview about the programme Baskin broke down when talking about the impact “Tiger King” had on her life.

– I keep it inside me, Baskin says in a short presentation.

– That’s the worst thing ever about this, she says and cries.

to me People Magazine She said that she was not satisfied with the way she was portrayed in the Netflix series.

Baskin thinks it was a complete murder of my character to be able to sell the series at the greatest possible cost to Netflix.

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