Police action, torrent | Major Police Action – Uses a heat-seeking drone

Police action, torrent |  Major Police Action – Uses a heat-seeking drone

On Thursday afternoon and evening, there was a large police operation in the south of Celle Municipality.

As far as GD knows, there have been police in the area since 16:00 on Thursday. Police were also seen there earlier that day.

– The police are present at the scene of the accident and are in control of it. He is not a danger to anyone else, and he has never been a danger to anyone else. An attack was made on an address, which was tragically unacceptable in the address and neighbours, operations manager Frode Øvreås says on Thursday evening.

Shortly after 22:30, the police are still at the scene.

– An offer was made at an address somewhere in Celle municipality. In this regard, an investigation has been opened. That’s why the police have crews at the address and in the area, says Inlandt Police District Incident Commander Roger Hogan.

The police are looking for people in the area.

“I came across a relationship patrol that started the investigation,” says Haugen.

Police use a heat-seeking drone in their search.

– It is an aid in terms of searching for people or things, says the mission leader.

– We don’t know if the person is nearby. We will draw it.

Police do not know how long they will be held on Thursday evening.

According to what J.D. has learned, the police are looking for at least one adult male.

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