Power, Power Price | We have all been deceived

Power, Power Price |  We have all been deceived

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Last year Ukraine was running low on water and the war led to high electricity prices. Now the electricity prices have gone up again as the reservoirs are overflowing.

People have every reason to feel cheated.

Electricity prices move like a yo-yo as politicians blame the weather, the war in Ukraine and everything else for not taking responsibility. At the same time, both people’s finances and jobs are destroyed.

– It is not market forces that are wreaking havoc, it is Vladimir Putin who is wreaking havoc in Europe. Jonas Gahr claimed Støre in Arendal Week 2022.

For his part, Hoir’s Nikolai Astrup believed that all could be solved if enough sea breezes were created and fast enough.

– The greatest potential lies in sea breezes. The equivalent of 20 TWh could be generated by 2030, Astrup added Finansavisen in January last year.

There is little sign that this will happen, and there are challenges in the electricity market.

Among leading politicians, it is primarily speech and little else.

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Harmful Uncertainty

Electricity prices not only create high costs but also great uncertainty.

Uncertainty is harmful. It causes worries about the future and makes everyone more cautious. Everyone should set aside a little extra to face what may come.

As a result, both households and businesses end up spending slightly less than they could afford.

The result is less activity, less investment and fewer jobs. Thus uncertainty creates bad times and bad economy for the individual and the country as a whole.

Jojo price and weather

Yo-yo electricity prices don’t just harm electricity consumers. Uncertainty is detrimental to power generators and power producers.

Huge investment in wind and solar energy is the cause of uncertainty. It’s weather-dependent electricity, with output changing wildly depending on whether the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

At the same time, power consumption follows the opposite pattern.

Power consumption is high when it is cold, windless and with little sun.

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Electricity prices may turn negative

One of the more ridiculous consequences of this is that electricity prices actually become negative.

In other words, you have to pay to remove the electricity during peak production periods.

This is not a theoretical possibility, but has already happened. In Norway, electricity prices were first negative for a short period in May this year and then bottomed out Extreme Weather “Hans” in August.

A negative electricity price means you get paid for using electricity, regardless of network rent and other surcharges on the electricity bill. Although it doesn’t exactly encourage power saving, it’s good when you have to pay the power bill.

This is bad for those who have been told that it is wise to invest large sums in solar cells. If using a lot of money in investment is not enough, it must be paid to get rid of excess flow.

And as I said.

The demand for electricity is less when the heat is on.

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Green switch without ground contact

On top of all this, politicians continue to work with the green switch. Everything should be electrified, new “green” electricity-intensive industries should be encouraged with large subsidies, and new wind power should be built massively.

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The government’s goal is to reduce Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to emissions released in 1990.

In the 32 years since 1990, Norway has managed to reduce emissions Less than five percent.

The rest, a 50 percent emission reduction, will be taken over the six years leading up to 2030.

The government still believes it can do this.

The absence of land connection among the rulers in the government quarters is not well said.

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Who dares to invest?

People who have invested in rooftop solar panels and received negative electricity prices have been cheated.

But the so-called green shift requires bigger investments than that.

People know that in the business world, you can get scammed if you’re not careful.

So investors don’t bite when they talk about how beautiful and forward-looking the green transition and climate goals are when investing.

For those who are going to invest, cold hard facts and realistic calculations are important.

The current situation is that uncertainty is huge.

At one point, the price of electricity was several kroner per kilowatt hour. In the next, the price is negative and suddenly becomes several kroner again.

In addition, tariffs, taxes on power generation, electricity support schemes, subsidies for large investments and other “instrumental” policies are in blue.

No one knows what it will look like in a year, three or ten years from now.

Consumers have already been duped. The business world is waiting to be fooled. The fact that investments in energy production are huge and long-term investments certainly does not make this easy.

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So, no matter how rosy the politicians talk, no one is now uncritically throwing money at green change.

We see this in the stock market as well, where many green stocks have fallen over the past two years.

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Time to put your finger on the ground

But none of this seems to have made an impression on Prime Minister Jonas Karstor and his gang.

While Storr is now flying high and low to save Gaza, it’s another unlikely move for the Norwegian government, which spends the rest of its time arguing about unrealistic climate targets.

While climate goals were a theme during the election campaign this fall, Storr was the only party leader who believed Norway was well on its way to meeting its 2030 climate targets..

It speaks for itself.

In addition to people being fooled into thinking electricity prices are due to climate, it is clear that the climate targets are also a hoax.

But soon enough of that. It’s time to put your finger on the ground. People are tired and hope is shattered.

Something like this explains that if Storr himself is deceived, the party he now leads is November. The survey for TV 2 received the second lowest support of all time.

The rest of us, on the other hand, are tired of all the tricks.

People don’t like to be cheated.

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