Power, Power Price | You are unlikely to get electricity support in June

Power, Power Price |  You are unlikely to get electricity support in June

In February, the government announced a revamp of the electricity subsidy calculation system.

Instead of averaging the electricity price over a whole month, if the electricity subsidy was one hour, the price was 82.5 øre per kWh (70 øre plus VAT) higher.

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This change has not yet been introduced, and it has been passed Big protests– But the Storting has decided that want Will be introduced in the fall. According to Europower However, it is uncertain whether it will actually come from September or it will be slightly postponed.

“Free time” lowers the average

The highly volatile electricity prices we’ve experienced recently clearly show why this change is so important.

Electricity prices are currently “regular” at the cut-in point for electricity subsidy, with prices all the way down to the minus side at times. The reason is that sometimes more electricity is produced than is used due to large amounts of unregulated electricity generation from the sun, wind and river.

This significantly lowers the average for the entire month. In the 14 days from June, the status is as follows:

  • Eastern Norway (NO1): Average price 78.47 øre (62.78 øre ex VAT)
  • Vestlandet (NO5) is almost identical to NO1
  • Southwest Norway (NO2): Average price 100.41 øre (80.33 øre ex VAT)

Neither western nor eastern Norway will receive electricity support this month unless prices rise significantly in the second half. Southwest Norway is at the same average price as in May, which should stimulate electricity support.

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June will be very important

On the other hand, if the new electricity subsidy had already been introduced, the whole of southern Norway would have had an electricity subsidy. This is because you get support for all hours where the price is more than 87.5 øre (70 øre plus VAT).

In the first 336 hours of the month, there are 100 hours in eastern Norway where prices are above this range.

For these 100 hours, the price Average 96.04 øre (including VAT).

On average, this will trigger an electricity subsidy of 7-8 øre per kWh during these hours. But since hourly electricity support depends entirely on when you actually use electricity, such an average calculation is more accurate.

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