The war in Ukraine – one feature

The war in Ukraine – one feature

Fighting rages on in Ukraine, and the country is suffering heavy losses. Despite the fact that the country lost many of its tanks in the Russian attacks, the tanks still gave it one advantage: the soldiers managed to escape from it.

The US military analyst and former officer, Nicholas Drummond, told CNN that the casualties were as expected.

– Given the size of the front and the intensity of the fighting, such losses are expected. Ukraine is attacking four fronts to suppress the Russian forces. It’s a necessary strategy, but it comes at a cost, he tells the US news site.

Ukraine announces its first invasions

– Do your job

However, it indicates a significant advantage of Western tanks:

– We do not see catastrophic damage. It indicates that the vehicles are doing their job and the crew is able to escape.

Russian tanks carry more projectiles in the turret than Western tanks.

This makes it extremely vulnerable, because even an indirect hit can cause a chain reaction that causes ammunition stores to explode with up to 40 projectiles.

A video shows how tanks donated by the West scatter after a successful Russian artillery attack. Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bord-Dalhough believes Ukraine’s lack of tank air support is a major weakness. Correspondent: Edward Stenlund. Video: Telegram / Twitter
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The shock waves can send the tower as high as a two-story building, according to CNN.

Or as Nicholas Drummond told CNN:

– If you don’t come out within the first second, you’ll be minced meat.

The school is also a battleground for war

The school is also a battleground for war

– significantly better

Retired First Lieutenant Arne Bord-Dalhough did not describe the images of destroyed Ukrainian tanks as unexpected.

– It’s a normal picture, and, of course, it is not surprising that the Ukrainian offensive operations suffered losses. While Western tanks and APCs are vastly superior to anything else on the battlefield out there, they are not unrivaled.

– However, there is less loss of life because the wagons are better protected.

Twitter user PanDrukar, who is purportedly a Ukrainian soldier, posted a video in which he claimed his unit was evacuating from a destroyed Bradley tank.

– You may have seen the photos of Bradley being bombed. He writes one of them to me.

- It can create chaos

– It can create chaos

Depending on more support

As Ukrainian losses mount, the Ukrainian authorities demand more material support from the West. According to Dalhoge, the Ukrainian offensive is entirely dependent on the support of the West in order to continue at a high level.

– Resupply from the West is needed for many things – ammunition, spare parts, missiles, combat vehicles and spare parts. Which seems to be happening, there have been positive signals recently from France, Germany and Poland, he points out.

Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, Hanna Malyar, wrote on Telegram on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces are constantly hitting minefields.

– The enemy is doing everything to keep the positions he has occupied. Active attacks and intense artillery fire. During the offensive, our forces are facing continuous minefields. You write that this is combined with continuous counterattacks from enemy units on armored vehicles.

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