January 27, 2023


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Prince Harry is being mocked on American television

Tuesday, January 10, Prince Harry’s book (38) “Memorizes” It was launched all over the world. The book is both honest and forthcoming, and it makes many startling discoveries—some of the more intimate kind.

more media, Among others DagbladetHarry was on an expedition to the North Pole and suffered frostbite on his penis. In the book, the story is detailed – the prince wrote, among other things:

“While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the same couldn’t be said for the penis. It was becoming a bigger problem every day.”

Now the American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel (55 years old) has ridiculed Harry’s story.

Prince Harry’s much-talked-about autobiography Spear was published on January 10. During a visit to Liverpool, Prince William and Duchess Kate were asked about the book. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Making a “Children’s Book”

Harry wrote in the book that he was advised to put a cream on his penis that could help relieve the pain. However, this cream is said to be the same one that his late mother, Princess Diana, smeared on her lips.

“I felt like my mother was in the room. So I took a little cream and put it… there,” the Prince wrote in his Spear.

On an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The announcer was infuriated by the story and showed the viewers a “children’s book” entitled “The Prince and the Penis”.

Then he read from the book and totally mocked Prince Harry.

“But mom!”

The story begins with a young prince in the North Pole who gets frostbite on his penis – Kimmel further says that the young prince became very scared and started calling his mother.

Diana?: It might look like Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and Harry's penis shown in this photo.  Image: screenshot / twitter

Diana?: It might look like Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and Harry’s penis shown in this photo. Image: screenshot / twitter
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The book, illustrated with illustrations, shows a drawing of a woman on a cloud that bears a striking resemblance to Princess Diana.

And he wept while shouting “Oh mama, oh mama” until she appeared with cream from heaven.

Then the prince in the story asks:

“But Mom! Didn’t you use that on your lips?”

“Oh yes, my dear boy, and on the nipples too. Don’t put it off now, or your penis will be ruined.”

Prince Harry has yet to comment on Kimmel’s stunt.

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