Prince Harry, King Charles | Prince Harry returns: – It could be a turning point for the family crisis

Prince Harry, King Charles |  Prince Harry returns: – It could be a turning point for the family crisis

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The prince will travel to the UK in the next few days to meet his father, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The Duke of Sussex spoke to King Charles about cancer, reports British news agency PA. Quoting a source “close to Harry.”

Tove Taalesen, Nettavisen's royal house expert, learned of Harry's return while on the thread with Nettavisen.

– I see now that Prince Harry is on his way home to visit the King. This may be a turning point in the family crisis, Taliesin tells Netavicin.

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Freezing conditions

The royal house expert describes the relationship between father and son as icy.

The tense relationship is due to the fact that the Prince and his wife, Duchess Meghan, made several accusations against the British royal family to the media – and the British court or the royal family never responded to these accusations.

-It's typical royal behavior. “Keep calm and carry on” is a famous saying that Queen Elizabeth, as well as King Charles, lived by, Taliesin explains.

The king is said to have not had direct contact with his son for a long time. According to Taliesin's information, the sickness notice must have changed him:

-It seems like Charles and Harry spoke on the phone yesterday or today, and it's probably the first time in a very long time. The relationship between father and son (and brothers) was frosty for several years. We saw this clearly during the coronation.

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time heals all wounds?

Taliesin believes that King Charles' status could put their relationship back on good terms.

– But a serious illness may make both parties think twice. There is such a thing as time that heals all wounds, as Taliesin predicted.

It is clear that she prefers the prince to return to the royal family.

-And nothing would make me happier than to have Harry back in the family. On the other hand, I believe that the British people need several years to forgive, concludes wife Megan.

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