Putin expert: – Betraying everyone

Putin expert: - Betraying everyone

The Russian invasion of Ukraine lasted for about two months, but strong opposition from Ukrainian forces halted President Vladimir Putin.

At the end of March, Russia announced a change in the line of Russian strategy, and Putin’s alleged goal of controlling the country and spreading a pro-Russian regime in the capital, Kyiv, was suspended. Instead, the primary focus was on the Donbass region, but after another four weeks, the Russians had made little progress.

This indicates that things are not going according to plan.

– He is very, very angry, says the Russian writer and expert, Vera Efron, about the Russian president.

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– betrayer

After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Putin withdrew more and more. It is usually Kremlin spokesmen who give an update on the war, and no one knows for sure where the president actually is.

But according to Efron, he’s not particularly happy during the day.

– He feels betrayed by everyone. Efron tells the Swedish newspaper that he may be feeling very frustrated express.

The Russian expert does not explain what she is aiming for, but there is reason to believe that it has something to do with the progress of the invasion and the world’s reactions to the war.

In addition to strong opposition on Ukrainian soil, Putin is also said to have met with opposition from his colleagues in the Kremlin.

Already at the beginning of March, it was said that smoke was burning in the circle around the president, and that parts of the Russian government were critical of the war.

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Very few people would dare stand up to Putin, but Kremlin defectors refer to the invasion as “total chaos” in secret internal conversations, It was said in a report that purportedly described the mood prevailing in the Kremlin The first time after the invasion.

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There were rumors later about it Reportedly, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who has been the president’s right-hand man since 2004, is tired of being a “Kremlin watcher”. He also claimed on several occasions that The Russian elite is said to be planning a coup.

Putin did not comment on rumors about internal unrest in the Kremlin.

– misjudge

The outside world was also quick to impose heavy sanctions on Russia, Putin and his allies after the invasion of Ukraine.

It should have come as a surprise to the Russian president, according to Efron.

– He never thought Europe would resist. He believed that everyone depended on Russian oil and gas, and that everyone would sit on their feet and take care of their own interests, she tells Expressen, adding:

– But now, when all Europe together resist him, you see that he is very, very angry. I see him in his eloquence, the way he walks, his facial expressions and expressions.

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