June 10, 2023


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Record sale of colorful bunats shirts – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

– It pains me a little when people start experimenting with such beautiful clothes that have long traditions, says Tove Holzmann, general manager of Norske Punedar in Stavanger.

Spring is coming. It also marks May 17 and the time for confirmation. Last but not least, Bunat will come back out after a few months of winter hibernation on the shelf.

Inger Sofie Kristiansen (left) and Solveig Hodne Riska (right) are satisfied with the blouse and shirt combination.

Photo: Thomas Istrom / NRK

Maybe the red stain on Bunat’s shirt came from a little too much ketchup on the sausage on May 17, or from the red sauce on the cream of rice on Christmas Eve.

increasing trend

This year, Embla bunader, a store in Stavanger, set a record for selling non-traditional bunad shirts. Managing director Marianne Lambersøy believes this is a trend and hopes that those traveling to Stavanger city center on May 17 this year will be surprised.

But those who jump on the trend will ask for it.

– When you go with something non-traditional, people should expect an opinion. We are talking about long traditions, Lambersoy says.

General Manager of Embla Punedar, Marianne Lambersoy

Marianne Lambersøy has a warning for those looking to buy colorful and flowery bunat shirts: – You might ask for it, she says.

Photo: Thomas Istrom / NRK

The shirts differ from the traditional shirt in terms of colors, pattern and fabric.

– He says that it becomes even more personal and you make it unique when you combine the colors yourself.

Solveig Hodne Riska bought a blue patterned shirt this year, which she will wear during her Rogaland Bunat.

– Last year I was scolded for not owning a scarf. There’s always someone who has an opinion, but I can put up with it because it’s so cool, says Solveig Hodne Riska.

Rogaland Punat in a blue shirt

This year, Solveig Hodne Riska changes the white linen shirt during Rogalandspunat.

Photo: Thomas Istrom / NRK

I think the story will disappear

Inger Sofie Kristiansen at Embla bunader at Kvadrat is one of those who opted for a non-traditional bunader shirt.

She teamed her lundebi bunat with a pink shirt and neck scarf.

– who should absolutely be turning in their graves. Fortunately, there can be some rotation, he says.

Marianne Lambersøy and bunads models

Marianne Lambersoy (c) photographs models wearing what she believes to be this year’s Bunat trends.

Photo: Thomas Istrom / NRK

At Norske bunader in Stavanger, everyone has chosen traditional linen shirts for bunad this year, although they also sell silk shirts.

– Punate is expensive so I think it must be. If you experiment too much, value and history disappear, says Dove Holzman.

However, she has noticed that a change to the traditional linen shirt has become popular.

Tove Holzmann, Norske bunader, Stavanger

Dove Holzmann thinks bunat should be paired with the traditional shirt.

Photo: Thomas Istrom / NRK

loses its effect as a cultural heritage

– Kamila Rosing, head of the Norwegian Institute for Bunat and Folk Costume, says, “We want to recommend that people wear traditionally used bunats.”

Camilla Rossing

Camilla Rossing from East Telemark holds a belt stock.

Photo: Private

Under the bunat there are many bunats that had a tradition of other types of shirts. Here, East Telemark’s Belt Stack is an example.

Rossing thinks it may have spread to other areas where it is not common.

– Bunat becomes more personal, but it loses part of its effect as a cultural tradition, if everyone examines their bunat, he says.

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