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Release on mobile has purchased Teknikmagasinet

It will provide sales and repairs for used mobile phones in 65 stores.

Release manager Austin Eriksen bought the Teknikmagasinet electronics series.

The mobile and recycling company is now buying Teknikmagasinet, which has a total of 65 stores in Norway and Sweden. The idea behind the acquisition is to be able to provide customers with used cell phones in physical stores.

Release already has five physical stores in Norway, where they make a living selling used cell phones as well as offering repairs for, say, broken screens in the store.

Teknikmagasinet is already doing cell phone repairs in its stores, but it will also sell used cell phones to increase the focus on reuse by people.

One strength, noted by release manager Austin Eriksen, is that customers have the opportunity to see and feel the products used in store before they make a decision.

– We will offer you broken screen replacement and other repairs during the day at stores with good availability and long business hours. We already have a wide range of used cell phones, and we sell our cellphone subscriptions at low prices and good customer service. Eriksen emphasizes that we are the only ones with this kit and the complete package, and adds that reuse and sustainability will be the core of Teknikmagasinet in the future.

Quick search in Release her online store He explains that you can, for example, buy an Apple iPhone 12 mini with a capacity of 256 GB for 7,490 kroner. It should then be an element called element A which is defined as:

For the last: It is seen as a coat, with no noticeable marks/scratches. Battery capacity range: 80-100%. Carefully tested by technician experienced in all vital functions. Sold without charger and other equipment if not specified.

By comparison, this costs 7,990 kr as new with players like Elkjøp, Power and NetOnNet showing up. Search in PriceSpy. Or if you choose the ITMarked online store, you get it to 7,646 kroner.

Release now seeks to sell used cell phones in physical stores, in addition to the fact that they also offer the same service via their websites.

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But there are many other players that offer used cell phones online. One of these is Teleoutlet. Here, the similarly used Apple 12 Mini with 256GB will cost you the same as the version. Then also called A-grades. You can reduce the price by about a thousand more kroner, but then the wear and “how used” are also set to grade C.

Øistein Eriksen’s old company OneCall can lure used cell phones. Under their slogan «AlmostNew».

Here, however, we don’t find the Apple 12 Mini with 256 GB on the go, but you’ll have to pay 5990 crowns for a blue version with 64 GB of storage. By comparison, this phone, correctly in white, costs 6,390 NOK as new in, for example, Elkjøp, Power, NetonNet or Komplett.

Apple iPhone 12 mini 5G Dual SIM 4GB RAM 256GB

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