Rema-Reitan prepares Norwegians for higher prices – E24

Rema-Reitan prepares Norwegians for higher prices - E24

The Rema 1000 summit goes a long way in indicating that the largest grocery chain in the country is gaining market share day by day.

Happy Days: If Reitan Retail Ole CEO Robert Reitan is to be believed, things are going well with the Rema 1000 per day.
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The first Robert Ritan of the RIMA 1000, unlike Coop’s Director of Procurement, Tor Helge Gundersen, does not want to stir up the mood around difficult negotiations.

in DN Gundersen noted “extremely high” orders from suppliers, which make it “extremely difficult” to ensure low prices for customers.

– I think there is a good dialogue with the suppliers. It’s a demanding situation for everyone, says Ole Robert Ritan, and we must solve it together.

Grocery chains and suppliers meet these days to negotiate price adjustments that will take place in February.

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The background is constantly racing in prices for a number of different input factors – such as electricity, packaging, shipping, and raw materials. Food prices have risen 12 percent in the past year.

Do you think the suppliers are making reasonable demands?

– I’m not going to do those negotiations at E24, says Reitan.

I think the price trend will continue

Recently, higher food prices have been a strong contributor to the overall measure of inflation, with CPI being higher than expected.

With that, the industry has gained more spotlight on it. Agriculture Secretary Sandra Burch (Sp) has gone to great lengths to make grocery chains suspicious in order to ensure additional profitability for themselves.

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Ole Robert Ritan has little left to talk about.

– I think it’s time we stop pointing at each other all the time. This politicians refer to the industry rather than the contribution. And we are referring to the politicians. Then nothing will happen. I think it would be more positive if we had as a starting point everyone contribute to solving the challenges we face, creating more competition.

In Cave Leuven: It was previously improved upon when Raytan participated in the Fall Conference of Grocery Suppliers. The parties are now conducting difficult negotiations, but Raytan has been well received.

– Where do you think food prices will be in half a year?

– I don’t know, but there is no reason to believe that he will not continue a little the same way he has for a while.

Did the Rema 1000 transfer all cost increases from the July price adjustment to the consumer?

– Rema 1000 is built on a model that has been the same since 1979. Prices in store are based on prices we get from suppliers. This model has been around for 40 years. This will also be the case in the future.

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Therefore, price growth is still high: – It may take 1-2 years

– At least I have good days

Despite skyrocketing prices, it was Raytan Zabadani who attended the Danish Grocery Suppliers Association’s autumn conference this week.

Whoever is on stage, he may have revealed some reasons.

– It was so sad there are no Nielsen leaks these days, but I have good days anyway.

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NielsenIQ is an analysis agency that measures sales in the grocery industry. The company publishes the numbers only once a year, in February.

Then you will know how many decimal places the market shares of the strings have changed.

If you look at the Rema 1000 graph in Nielsen stats, it has been steadily pointing downward for the past five years. The nation’s largest grocery chain has shifted from 24.4 percent to 22.9 percent of the market’s turnover.

Does your statement mean that you have good intentions to grow the stake this year?

– Anyway, we are doing everything we can to make it happen.

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