Researchers believe they have uncovered the psychopathic woman

Researchers believe they have uncovered the psychopathic woman

Now researchers from the University of New Mexico have conducted a study that they believe reveals the signs of female psychopaths. The attribute is specifically indicated and written New York Post.

The researchers defined “psychopathic traits” as a combination of manipulation, pathological lying, insensitivity, lack of remorse, impulsivity, irresponsibility, and criminal behavior.

According to the researchers, the feature that can reveal whether a woman is mentally ill or not is whether she moves her head when she speaks.

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Greater chance

“Nonverbal behavior (i.e. head movements) represents an important but understudied form of communication, and may improve our ability to detect certain forms of mental illness, including psychopathy.” , Researchers writing about the study.

Using an algorithm, researchers determined that women who kept their heads completely still or with little movement while talking to someone had a greater chance of developing “psychopathic tendencies.”

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The study was conducted on female prisoners between the ages of 21 and 57 years. Researchers must video-record interviews with women, which are then used to study the women.

“Head position was extracted from interviews. Average head position was calculated using information from all extracted images”“, write the authors.

Head movements were then defined as “minimal, moderate, and maximum” movement.

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Researchers say that a lower degree of head movements is a sign of a lower likelihood of developing psychological illness.

Previous research has yielded results similar to the current study. Men who move their heads a little have a greater chance of becoming psychopaths.

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– Less clear

In February, physician and psychologist Dr. Clive Boddy said the number of mentally ill women may be larger than previously thought, he wrote. Watchman.

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It has previously been estimated that there may be a 10:1 male-to-female ratio of psychiatric patients, but Bode's research suggests the numbers may be very different.

“It's almost one-on-one,” Buddy says.

The behavior of female psychopaths seems subtle and less obvious than that of male psychopaths, and therefore they are not recognized to the same extent. A small but growing body of evidence describes female psychopaths as being prone to expressing violence verbally rather than physically, and the violence is of a relational and emotional nature, more subtle and less overt than that expressed by male psychopaths, Boddy says.

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