February 6, 2023


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Retirement after conflict in delivery

(Fædrelandsvennen) Volkswagen chief Ulf Toure Huckenby is stepping down as BIL chief after a dispute over the tax benefits of plug-in hybrid cars.

Harald A. Møller President Ulf Tore Hekneby (right) received a backlash after he proposed during the Arendalsuka to remove the tax deduction for plug-in hybrids. He is now in the process of stepping down as president of the National Association of Belém Porters. Here with Per Helge Gumpen, CEO of Gumpen Gruppen.
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Fierce disputes have erupted in the auto industry over taxes on plug-in hybrid cars. Harald A. Møller manager Ulf Tore Hekneby wants to remove the weight discount on these. Colleagues reply to this, write home friend.

– A surprising move by Harald A. Møller, Director of Bilimportørenes Landsforening (BIL), Erik Andresen told the industry website BillNytt.no.

Several other car importers have responded to this move to remove the weight discount on plug-in hybrid vehicles:

– This is not the approved BIL consensus, Andersen told BilNytt.


On Thursday, Hakanabi chose to resign from the post of president.

– The position of chairman now appears to be incompatible with Harald A. Møller and our brands having a free voice in what we believe are key issues for increasing electrified vehicle sales, Ulf Tore Hekneby told BilNytt.no.

He noted that he is losing an important leeway in his role as head of Volkswagen Group brands in Norway.

– Hence, it is natural for me to step down from the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, he continues.

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“Dual role”

Critics received support from BMW Norway’s director of communications, Marius Tignbe, who was surprised not to see both the dual role and the dual message from Harald A. Møller’s boss.

– At one point Bilnytt’s Director of BMW Communications said they were calling for no tax increase on diesel trucks, then the next moment they were talking about raising taxes on plug-in hybrid cars. He is also the president of the National Cyclists Association.

During Arendalsuka, Hekneby was clear that it was important to protect diesel trucks when it came to taxes and that a carrot, not a whip, should be used to spur the transition to electric trucks.

He must tolerate disagreement

But when it comes to popular hybrids, like the Toyota Rav4 plug, the Volkswagen importer thinks these have yesterday’s technology and will remove the weight discount from January 1, 2023. He thinks, according to Bilnytt, there’s no need for these cars when we look at today’s selection of cars. electrical.

Harald A. Møller’s Director of Communications and Public Relations, Øyvind Rognlien Skovli, answers to BilNytt.no that there is a different schedule for trucks than for passenger cars.

– It’s about the technology available, and we gave a good description of that in our Van Symposium during Arendalsuka, he told BilNytt.no.

He concludes that the industry should tolerate some internal disagreements and that there should be room for individual voices.