Revealed: The oil giant knew about climate change

Revealed: The oil giant knew about climate change

New York (Dagbladet): According to a new scientific study published in Science Journal On Thursday, the company’s forecast at the time for global warming was incredibly accurate.

But externally, Exxon has issued statements that contradict its scientists. Instead, the oil giant has claimed that there is great doubt about whether global warming is actually a real thing.

Already published several years ago, among others Inside Climate News And Los Angeles Times Articles Exxon has been aware of man-made climate change since 1977.

The new analysis in Science now also shows that the company’s researchers have some particularly accurate models of how climate change might occur. They correctly predicted that the global temperature would rise by about 0.2 degrees per decade.

– amazingly accurate

Exxon’s research was actually startlingly accurate, but it was also a double standard because a lot of ExxonMobil’s misinformation over many years was claiming that climate models weren’t credible, says co-author of the new study, Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes. . , l AP.

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“This gives us definitive evidence that Exxon Mobil accurately predicted global warming many years ago, and then turned around and attacked the basic research,” the study’s lead author, Professor Jeffrey Soprane at the University of Miami, tells the news agency.

In the article, then-Exxon CEO Lee Raymond was quoted in 1999 as saying that “future climate projections are based on completely untested climate models or, more often, pure speculation.” In 2013, his successor called climate models “incompetent”.

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Today, the company claims that its tone has changed in line with the new knowledge.

Similar to the tobacco industry

Exxon’s understanding of climate science has evolved alongside the broader scientific community and four decades of climate research, says Exxon spokesman Todd Spittler.

He believes it is misleading to claim that Exxon knew, and that the company now supports effective climate measures.

Selfie: COP 26 is underway in Glasgow. Greta Thunberg stood outside and sang satirical battle songs with other climate activists. Video: AP/NEWSFLARE/Agisilaos Koulouris/Peter Cassidy
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Exxon is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world and has been sued several times for allegedly knowing the damage oil and gas could do to the climate and deceiving the public about it. Several US states were among those who filed suit.

“This is analogous to the tobacco industry’s long campaign of denying the harmful effects of cigarettes,” said then-Attorney General Maura Healy of Massachusetts when the state sued Exxon.

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