Russia, Ukraine | Russia is open to sending more people to war

Russia, Ukraine |  Russia is open to sending more people to war

Russia’s state-run news agency reported on Tuesday Ria Russia would expand the age range for those who may be required to perform military service.

Previously, Russians from 18 to 27 years old could be called up for military service.

From January, everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 risks being exposed.

Expensive to escape

And those who do not stand it are punished, now even more severely.

RIA also reported that fines – to a greater or lesser extent – for attempting to escape military service are increasing sharply. Many fines are now ten times more expensive.

One example of a violation is failure to show up at the registration and registration offices. Previously, this was punished with fines of up to 3,000 Russian rubles, according to RIA, that’s 330 NOK.

From now on, this will cost Russians 3,300 NOK, according to the Russian News Agency. This corresponds to about one Half a month’s salary for the average Russian. Most of those called up to fight in Ukraine are poor minorities.

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Other examples of conscription-related offenses include “avoiding medical examinations” and “failing to assist military departments in mobilization work when mobilization is announced,” he writes. Ria.

Fines for these offenses are up to NOK 2,800 and NOK 56,000.

If you are Russian and leave your country for more than six months without reporting, you can expect fines of up to NOK 1700.

– It smells like a big war

Prominent politician and former officer Andrei Kartapolov, who heads the Defense Committee of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian National Assembly, stated earlier in July that no new mobilization was needed at that time, despite the fact that the Wagner Group had just stopped participating in the Ukraine war.

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While the new military law is being discussed in the State Duma right now, He says:

– This law was written for a major war, for general mobilization. It already smells great of war.

Not very popular

The news, which could be part of a new round of mobilization, is going down very badly with the Russians. Despite the fact that the RIA is under the control of the Russian regime, for example, it allows people to leave their reactions to news stories online.

For the most part, the propaganda that RIA is relaying from the Ukraine war is received with open arms. Article “NATO is useless now – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are afraid of new Russian tactics»He has, for example, more than 2,000 thumbs, hardly 25 thumbs. On the other hand, military service issues on Tuesday are not very popular. Article that age group For recruits who are now between the ages of 18 and 30 It has, for example, just over 230 inches wide and 850 inches long at the time of this writing.

in Comment field There are also more people interacting.

– It is a pity that instead of slowly but surely developing, Russia has become a military camp reminiscent of North Korea, one of the readers writes.

– As usual: everything that harms people is voted on, others are written.

Others are more positive:

– I welcome this law writes one user.

Netavisen does not have the opportunity to verify users.

The fact that anything reminiscent of mobilization is unpopular in Russia is nothing new. The only time Putin pounced on the independents Levada surveys During the Ukraine war in September 2022, that is, during the great mobilization that was announced at that time.

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– Denis Volkov, head of the Levada Center, said at the time that this was just a reluctance to take part in the war personally.

– Volkov added that the Russians have little desire to get involved themselves.

Several Norwegian scholars closely following the war have discussed how unpopular the mobilization is:

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Netavizn also mentioned how young Russian conscripts were being sent to war, as part of “hidden mobilization”.

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