– Russia will freeze the war

- Russia will freeze the war

This is what the French news agency AFP wrote.

“What we’re seeing now is that Russia is trying to bring about a kind of freeze in this war, at least for a little while – so they can regroup, reform, recover, and then try to launch a bigger offensive until next year,” Stoltenberg says during an event by the Financial Times on Wednesday.

He stressed that NATO would continue to supply arms and support Ukraine, despite concerns about stockpiles in the West.

– Just as important as adding new systems is making sure that what we’ve already introduced works in an efficient way. This means they need massive amounts of ammunition, spare parts and maintenance, he continues.

away from negotiations

According to AFP, the United States expects hostilities to continue as its strength declines in the coming months, as both Ukraine and Russia are likely to rebuild their forces.

When asked if Stoltenberg knew more about Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil, the Secretary General answered in the negative. However, he says, one of the fundamentals of the war is that Ukraine is fighting to protect itself, while Moscow is attacking civilian infrastructure to leave cities without electricity and heat during the winter.

– Says that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against such attacks.

– You want more time

Moreover, he emphasized that the conditions for a peaceful resolution of the conflict are not here now, because Russia has not shown any signs of its desire to participate in negotiations that respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Lieutenant General and former Chief of Defense Staff, Arne Bard-Dalhough, agrees completely with what Stoltenberg says about the Russians’ desire to freeze the war over the winter.

Close: Ukraine has managed to stop an increasingly large proportion of Russian airstrikes. This is due to the increasing accuracy of weapon systems, according to retired Lt. Gen. Arne Bord-Dalhough. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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– The Russians will benefit from the fronts remaining as they are now, and from being subjected to more military pressure. They then get time to build up their forces and organize themselves better, as well as bring their supply systems forward, he says.

– Remarkable progress

On the Ukrainian side, the desire of the Russians is used as a justification for continuing pressure on the fronts.

– I do not exclude that the Ukrainians have made significant progress on the fronts in Kremina and Svatov in Luhansk during the winter. This is where the Russian positions are weakest, says Dalhough.

– There was a lot of talk about how weak the Russian forces are. What about Ukrainian?

– In general, I would say that the winter conditions will be in favor of the Ukrainians. They are better equipped, and we have to remember that the Ukrainian forces did a very good job in February in winter conditions.

– Is talking about a period of truce a sign of weakness?

– Yes – this confirms what the Western and Ukrainian sides have seen through intelligence information for a long time. Russians are stretchy at most things. They have very few people, weapons, ammunition and supplies. If they didn’t have very little of most things, they wouldn’t be interested in throwing their arms around.

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