Russian invasion of Ukraine: – Attacks in Russia:

Russian invasion of Ukraine: - Attacks in Russia:

Since the early days of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has regularly attacked strategic and military targets in Russian cities and villages near the Ukrainian border.

Dagbladet was informed that Ukraine, among other things, had attacked Russian mobile offensive positions in Russia several times based on publicly available intelligence.

In recent days, eruptions have apparently increased, whether they were caused by attacks or not. Between May 2 and 3, explosions occurred in four Russian cities or villages not far from the Ukrainian border, According to the BBC Russian branch.

Russia has previously accused Ukraine of being behind it. Now they deny that Ukraine had anything to do with the explosions.

Bangs: Several powerful explosions occurred in the Russian city of Belgorod in the morning hours of May 2. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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I think Ukraine is late

The former Norwegian defense chief, Sverre Diesen, and retired Lieutenant-General Arne Bård Dalhaug Dagbladet told it was natural to assume that Ukraine was behind the bombings.

The frequency, that it is close to the border and that you have systems getting there, suggests that it is due to some form of Ukrainian activity, says Dalhaug.

Ukraine has been deliberately vague about the alleged attacks, and does not want to comment on whether it was behind them.

“There can be completely different reasons for the destruction of the military infrastructure in the border regions, including divine intervention,” said Mikhailo Podoljak, an advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Wall Street Journal.

It’s not entirely spiritual, but former defense chief Dessen thinks it’s only natural that Ukraine should not be held responsible for the bombings.

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They are, of course, reluctant to say that they are behind the attacks inside Russia. The Russians could use this as an excuse to expand the war. On the other hand, it’s pretty clear from what’s going on, that the Ukrainians are behind it, no matter how things go, says Dessen.

Ukraine war: On Friday, April 1, Ukrainian military helicopters were said to have attacked a Russian oil depot in the city of Belgorod. A Russian governor believes Ukrainian forces were behind the attack, according to the BBC. Video: Twitter / Telegram
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We will not admit weakness

In the wake of the recent bombings earlier this week, the Russian authorities came out and accused Ukraine of being behind them. Then the governor of Belgorod – a city and a province – denied that Ukraine had attacked the region.

– Maybe they want to blame Ukraine, but it doesn’t look very good that they are able to attack Russian territory. Russia has not been attacked since 1945, but suddenly they are under attack, so it is clear that there is nothing Russia wants to admit. I see it as if they simply don’t want to admit they have weaknesses, says Lieutenant General Dalhaug.

Backed by former defense chief Dessen.

– On the other hand, Russia is not ready to say that Ukraine is capable of hitting targets in Russia. On the other hand, it is better to admit that Ukraine is behind it, for example with the help of US special forces, than to admit that it may be Russia that is friendly to Ukraine. They are between bark and wood in the matter of this novel, and this may explain why they appear that way.

bombs: This video was published by the Azov Regiment on Thursday and shows heavy bombing of steel plants, the last part of Mariupol falling into the hands of the Ukrainians. Video: Reuters. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV

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He rejects the various theories

Because there has been a lot of speculation about what caused the explosions if not attacks from Ukraine. Accidents and acts of vandalism occurred frequently Cited as possible explanations.

Diesen believes that the theory of sabotage does not fit well with the actual situation on the ground.

The belief that this is sabotage of friendly Russians to Ukraine has little credibility. So, this is somewhat too broad. Devastation, says Diesen, cannot be achieved by sabotage.

The greatest damage was caused by a fuel plant and an ammunition depot in the area around Belgorod.

Retired Lieutenant General Dalhaug agrees with the theory that the explosions may have caused accidents.

He notes that accidents at such Russian facilities are not rare, but he believes there are “limits to how much we can stick to them.”

– Both parts went up in the air, completely criticizing the Russian war. This also proves that there is an overwhelming possibility that Ukraine is behind this, says Dalhaug.

Life Risks: Swede Ken Blomqvist drives an ambulance in Ukraine. Together with his Norwegian team, he risks his life every day. Video: special. Reporter: Maja Walberg Cliff.
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This is why Ukraine is attacking

The fact that explosions and attacks occurred in and targeted critical Russian infrastructure explains why Ukraine is so interested in attacking targets on Russian soil.

– There are a number of targets in Belgorod that the Ukrainians are interested in destroying, says former Defense Minister Dessen.

He also believes that there is no opposition by Ukraine to attacking targets in Russia, at the same time that Russian forces are launching an offensive in Donbass in eastern Ukraine.

– For Belgorod, the transfer and concentration of troops are carried out before they are transferred to Ukraine. This area is important. Here you have a bottleneck that everyone goes through. Destroying critical infrastructure there affects force building very effectively. In such an area, vehicles and troops would also be a much easier target than if they were assigned to the terrain and led to the front. There are scattered, camouflaged and hard to reach. In this regard, the Ukrainians probably thought it was worth spending resources on it, says the former defense minister.

This is a retired opinion by Lieutenant-General Dallhog.

“It is no coincidence that we are talking about attacks on fuel and ammunition, which are among the most important attacks of the other war inside Ukraine,” he says.

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