Sam Elliott with barbs for the Oscar favourite:

Sam Elliott with barbs for the Oscar favourite:

On Monday came the final episode of Marc Maron’s comedy podcast “WTF with Marc Maron,” in which he and actor Sam Elliott (77) discuss some of the biggest releases of 2021.

The actor in the episode criticized the movie “The Power of The Dog” for its portrayal of cowboys and the Wild West, According to The Independent.

Elliott says on the podcast that he took the movie “fu**ings personally,” because of what he believes is a misrepresentation of the American West.

The actor is known in a number of western films including “The Hero” and the TV series “1883”.

Netflix with movie reference

In a podcast episode, comedian Maron is asked if Elliott has seen the Oscar-nominated movie, to which the actor replies:

“Yeah, do you want to talk about that shit over there?” The 77-year-old replied.

Elliott then explains that some of the reasons for his disdain stem from the critic’s review.

Following Elliott’s remarks, the official Netflix account posted a photo on Twitter of the movie in question. In the photo there is a quote where the character “Rose” refers to the cold cowboy “Phil”:

He is just a man. just another man »

During the Twitter post, many comments believe that Netflix is ​​aimed at Elliott.

One wrote, “I know this is about Sam Elliott,” while another comments, “I want to tag Sam. Is he on Twitter?”.

– Where’s the western in the movie?

Elliott is particularly critical of the costumes in the film, comparing the characters to Chippendale dancers.

– This is what all those cowboys looked like in the movie. They run in classes and without a shirt. The actor tells Maron that there are all these references to homosexuality throughout the film.

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The “seasons” are hard leg covers that cowboys used to wear over pants. These usually extend all the way to the top of the leg.

The actor then asks why the action took place in Montana, when it was actually filmed in New Zealand. He also believes that the director lacks insight into the Western world.

Elliott himself recently spent some time in Texas, where he recorded the series “1883”.

I used to hang out with families – not men – but with families. And their lives revolved around being cowboys. And when I watched it (the movie, the magazines. Note), I thought: “What is this f***n?”.

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