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The Norwegian Wellbeing Association is built on trust, unity, small differences and opportunities for all. To take care of this, we must ensure that there is a society with space for diversity and respect for the fundamental values ​​and standards upon which our society is built.

This is important to ensure the social sustainability of the community. A restricted, legally safe and responsible immigration policy is also essential for successful integration.

Work is the key to integration into society, and in order to become a part of Norwegian working life, you need education, qualification and language skills in Norwegian. It is important that those who come to Norway as soon as possible have the opportunity to get work or education.

Our luxury community is based on a paste layer. The larger society must do its best, but with rights also come duties. The line of action should be a basic principle in the discussion of integration.

This means that all individuals – including refugees – are met with respect and demands for their efforts and participation. Everyone will win if we manage to integrate.

Work life is the most important arena of integration. For me, integration is about giving people the opportunity to manage themselves, and to be able to contribute to something greater. The word integration means participation to me. We succeed when we ensure that everyone has real opportunities to participate and contribute to society.

The key to good inclusion is inclusive employment policies. The good and speedy integration of the newly arrived refugees means a lot to our welfare community.

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Ensuring that as many people as possible participate in working life is an investment.

If we politicians could use this fact as a basis for discussing integration, it would have been a huge step forward.

Immigration debates often contain strong emotions and a powerful vocabulary. It can be hard to talk and find a common solution, but let’s agree on the following: the sooner refugees and asylum seekers enter society and work life, the better for everyone.

To find the best solutions, we must listen to as many different opinions as possible.

We live in a society that in principle provides opportunities for everyone, but not everyone has the same starting point. We need a broad local debate with good input and examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what could be done better.

This is about the kind of society we want to be in the future.

As a politician, I believe we should define more requirements for results in the foundation programme, for both individuals and municipalities, because foundation programs should be a short path to working life or education. The introductory program should become more action-oriented.

Labor wants a greater degree of individual adjustment in the introductory programme, without diminishing the competency requirements. We’ll see the primer, the NAV toolkit and adult education further in context.

We must secure the society we want in the future. As a society, we must establish and demand the individual. School, work life and volunteer work are central to integration policy. Therefore, it is important that we discuss and find solutions on how to create the best possible integration.

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Successful integration can create greater trust and stronger communities. This in turn will create more value for the future. So it is appropriate that we invest more in integration.

To succeed in inclusion, we must get more people through the education process, more people at work and making sure that everyone is part of the community.

The Fredrikstad Labor Party is concerned that participation in both working life and society is very important to ensure good integration.

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