Sandra Ling talks about the “Idol” era:

Sandra Ling talks about the "Idol" era:

Sandra Leng, 35, became a familiar face to the Norwegian people when she participated in the singing competition “Idol” 18 years ago. She was 16 years old at the time, and sang her way to fourth place on the program.

Not long after, Ling announced that she was Under a lot of pressure at the time of her participation in the competition. Now, however, she also expresses her gratitude for what the program has done for her.

low self-esteem

in the podcast «Tone theft»The artist and podcast host recalls the mellow tune (34), going back to the “Idol” period.

My boil has Even participated in a singing competitionalbeit one year later, and you could tell she was an excited spectator when Lyng’s on-screen season kicked off.

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Ling says she had low self-esteem at school age. Among other things, she believed that she would never stand on a large platform.

However, standing on a big platform became a reality during the “Idol” engagement, and the young songbird became a star overnight. Ling can say it feels so great to be a part of it.

– I was one of those who bought the “Idol” magazine, which was available in the store at the time. Damli says to Ling, there were posters of you, I wanted to be you, everyone wanted to be you.

Being on a TV show can quickly feel like you’ve become everyone’s possession overnight, but Lyng maintains that she was very grateful — and still is.

Peace on your birthday: Sandra Ling and Lacey-Joachim Langerode together since 2015. On April 18, when Sandra turned 31, Lacey dropped to one knee. Video: YouTube/SandraLyngMusic
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– “Babe Seal”

Although they both agree that being involved was a great experience, it’s not just that the 16-year-old has been part of one of Norway’s most popular TV shows.

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– It was a different industry then. Female pop artists are seen in a different way, and suddenly we’re adults and put on such a “little stamp” when you’re really just a kid, reflects Lyng.

If there’s one thing you should have done differently when sharing, it’s precisely setting clearer boundaries.

– If I knew what I know now, I would have set more boundaries, and said “It’s just not right for me.” But I was like, “Well, they’re adults, they probably know better, then,” and I just wanted to sing, she says.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Sandra Lyng, who does not wish to comment further on this matter.

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