Sea depth: single color – 7 patterns

Sea depth: single color - 7 patterns

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The dark blue tone has a touch of black, almost ink black, and the color gives us a sense of calm and harmony. Deep Sea FR2515 is already one chameleon of color!

1. Transitional

We borrow the word transitional From the English language, a design that fits perfectly in rooms that embrace many styles.

In this room we find everything from rustic and romantic to modern, and, dare we say, it is the Havdyp FR2515 that ties the room together very elegantly. The dark blue color matches the black ink perfectly as the background.

2. Hadith

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How do we define modern? Is it just the classic design work we want to showcase, or is it a definition of how we live and what we love today?

We choose the latter: dark details, blue walls, tiered rugs, and soft, good-looking couches are modern. The same goes for the plush pillows and lanterns, all neatly assembled and surrounded by the beautiful sea depths in the background.

3. Art Deco

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From the movie “Aviator”, we draw inspiration from elegant homes and hotels full of charm. Strict symmetry, subtle patterns and slightly darker colours, you just have to have fun. It’s luxurious and elegant, almost a bit lavish.

We also don’t avoid metals. Gold, copper, brass, silver and nickel are everywhere in furniture details, wallpaper, and in everything from decor. If you look a little further from the film, we quickly get into the 1925 World’s Fair in Paris: International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. If you dive in here, you will never wake up again!

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France as a city of fashion is still important to the world of interior design. This is where we find inspiration for new and beautiful collections.

4. Industrial

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When we highlight industrial style, it’s often pure, monochromatic colors that win: everything from white to completely black and plenty of gray, whether in metals, paints, or textiles.

In our Scandinavian light, this style can be a little harsh at times, but by choosing neutral colors in the cool scale, you can get the same expression, but with a softer touch.

5. rustic

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The navy blue creates a sophisticated and cool expression and the color fits perfectly with the 1950s we’re featuring these days.

Retro in the interior, with a more modern feel to color and decor. The depth of the sea gives the feeling of a calmer – and we can say – that the room is furnished. In combination with an ocher color, we get exactly the right balance.

6. Hollywood Glam

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This is a must-have style, with glossy surfaces and layers upon layers. Dark surfaces create a sophisticated look, and shiny fabrics give floors and furniture an instant sense of brilliance.

7. Classic

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Blue color in all varieties is perfect for a classic style. The narrow, elegant shape goes well with blue surfaces, whether it is on the walls, furniture or the kitchen. It is elegant and pleasing to the eye.

depht of the sea It is one of Fargerike’s many blue colours. In the plan below, you’ll find everything from colorful and off-the-shoulder to soft, baby blues. So if you like one of the above styles, but find Havdyp too deep and mysterious, yes, you can choose from many other blues! Because if blue is your favorite color, you’re not alone.

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Blue is actually one of our most popular colors.

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