Sex, transgender | We do not deny the existence of anyone to acknowledge science

Sex, transgender |  We do not deny the existence of anyone to acknowledge science

The gender you have is genetically determined, but that of course does not mean that you have become confined to biology in the sense that you are bereft of your own mind.

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When Øyvind Søtvik Rekstad Refers to pig transars to prove their reasons for claiming so Trans women are women and trans men are menSo he is the one who needs more knowledge. A crash course in biology.

It must be very difficult Assuming that Homo sapiens is a binary species is absurd at a time when science is so central to our understanding of the world. We produce sperm or egg cells, all humans are predisposed to one or the other whether they do it or not.

woman female From a sane person who has reached puberty, and a man is a male from a sane person who has reached puberty. This is why trans women are men, and trans men are women.

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Rijkstad argues for His point of view with many misconceptions. Such as that you can choose the gender, that personal experiences change the characteristics of the species, and that it is necessary to reject science in order to identify transgender people.

What gender do you have It’s genetically determined, but that of course doesn’t mean that you’ve become confined to biology in the sense that you are bereft of your own mind. In the same way that humans (most people) have ten fingers, this does not deprive you of your thoughts and experiences, but it is clear that your thoughts and experiences do not change the fact that one of the characteristics of a human being is that he has ten fingers.

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The man may be too More than biology, but that doesn’t change it. Sex is closely related to reproduction, and thus sex is defined in biology. If a man multiplied in the same way as bacteria, we wouldn’t be talking about sex at all.

Another fallacy is that difficult experiences, or even terrible experiences, change the basic characteristics of the species to which we belong. No matter how painful a person may be, unfortunately it is not. The third misconception is that those who write about gender and identity, and who criticize rejecting biology as having negative consequences for children and women, are that we don’t recognize transgender people.

it’s not like that That this recognition may require a denial of the natural sciences, and it is not that we deny the existence of a person by acknowledging the natural sciences.

In profile, and especially lesbians, seeing the need to form their own organizations, can come as no surprise when men like Espen Esther Berelli Beinstad claim to be a lesbian. When the same person seems to mean it seriously Transgender people are a separate indigenous people without land, and then we wonder if Søtvik Rekstad thinks we deny the existence of Benestad if we don’t recognize transgender people as separate the original people?

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Summarizes Veronica Ivey The short circuit in radical gender ideology is better than he probably understands when he also claims, as the women’s cycling world champion, that It is non-transgender to have genital preferences. Here we have a heterosexual guy with a penis, who after taking a gold medal the woman should have, labels lesbians very hateful because they don’t want to sleep with him.

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It’s not obnoxious of women disagree that men like Ivy, Benestad and Rekstad are trying to redefine gender or homosexuality, when this unrealistic redefinition affects women and lesbians negatively.

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finallyNor is it, of course, that transgender people automatically go the wrong path to radical gender ideology (although many non-transgender people do). Transgender woman Debbie Hayton sums up the irrational thinking of Rijstad and his colleagues very well when he says it It is pure fantasy, nonsense and denial of reality – women are female, trans women are male, and the male is not female..

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