Silje Nordnes shares a crying video of Kompani Lauritzen – sparking strong reactions

Silje Nordnes shares a crying video of Kompani Lauritzen – sparking strong reactions

Popular presenter Silje Nordnes (39) will appear in the popular song “Kompani Lauritzen” this spring.

The 39-year-old is among those involved in the new season that will be led by Dag Otto Lauritzen and Christian Odegaard.

14 new recruits must undergo harsh trials in the hopes of becoming a better version of themselves.

This time the program was recorded at Voss.

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TV 2

Silje Nordnes has extensive experience in both podcasting and radio.

For several years, she has been the voice that large parts of Norway wake up to every morning on NRK's ​​radio show “P3 Morgen”, alongside Ronnie Brede Ase (35) and Markus Nyby (30).

Silje has also done very well after leaving her job at P3.

The 39-year-old has been hosting the “Maskorama” guessing competition for four seasons.

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Silje Nordens:- A little scared

Next Saturday is the premiere of the new season of Company Lauritzen.

To TV 2, Nordnes told the following about what she had hidden in her store:

-I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also a little afraid of everything that will happen. The Mascorama presenter added that there are some physical tasks that seem very scary the television 2 before starting recording.

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Kompani Lauriten 2024. First party Vår Staude Stinius Maurstad Mona Berntsen Karin Klouman Mikkel Bratt Silset Nora Haukland Aleksander Sæterstøl Rauand Ishmael Robin Hofst Hedvig Sophie Glestad Silje Nordnes Jonas Leehaug Alexandra Rotan Knut Marius Gopvik Nora Haukland Kompani Lauritzen 2024. First party photo: Espen Sole / TV 2

Participants in this year's Company Lauritzen:

  • Mona Berntsen, 33, dancer
  • Far Stud (57), Lieutenant Colonel
  • Karen Kloman, 35, actress
  • Hedwig Sophie Glestad (32), influential
  • Silje Norden (39), broadcaster
  • Nora Hawkland (26), influential
  • Alexandra Rutan, 27, artist
  • Jonas Leehaug (34 years old), YouTuber and presenter
  • Alexander Saterstull (28), influential
  • Stenius Morstad, 29, voice actor
  • Miquel Prat-Celset, 33, actor
  • Knut Marius Jobvik, 35, artist
  • Rawand Ismail, 24, politician
  • Robin Hofst (32), YouTuber
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But there was no doubt that she would seize this opportunity.

– This is a unique opportunity to do things that I would not have done in my life otherwise. I think it would be both good and completely terrible. But mostly nice, then. After all, they plan for us to grow as people, and that can be painful from time to time. I am ready for that, She said.

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Nordness hopes the registration will make it more stringent.

-I think it's very common to become more anxious and fearful as you age, and I don't like that. So I want to challenge that. I want to be a little more strict, says Silje Nordens.

The issue continues after the photo.

TV 2

On his Instagram account, Nordnes has now shared a clip of himself from what we have in store, with followers flooding in with comments that they are looking forward to seeing the 39-year-old on the show:

“Rough and good ass for the lady,” wrote one Kompani Vår Staude participant.

“Oioioi, which I can't wait to see,” writes NRK colleague Tova Velleman.

“You are so difficult,” writes a third.

Here you can watch the first clip:

We very much look forward to following you on the programme, salted fish! Lots of luck.

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