Al-Damli’s tone in her career and the role of the mother

Al-Damli’s tone in her career and the role of the mother

Artist dimple tone (34) It’s no surprise to be in the spotlight. The star has had more than enough column space since she placed second on the “Idol” singing competition in 2005.

However, Damley has been quiet on the music front since she released the Christmas album “Di förste jul” in 2014.

Now she made a career move.

Career path Career path: Damli’s tone says she is missing the tone of the music. Reporter: Catherine Belkey. Video: Nora Scavog.
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stressful lifestyle

In recent years, the “Butterflies” singer has been busy raising his two children, Billy (8 years old) and Marlon (2 years old), Renovation of the villa she bought with her partner Markus Voss (40) And participation in the reality series “Kompani Lauritzen”.

– Life happens. It’s busy with both work and family life, but I like it when it’s annoying and driving,” the star said at the time. Se og Hør met her before LYKO’s Halloween party.

The 34-year-old says it’s great that his son has reached a point where he has gained some “wisdom between his ears”.

– It’s turbo, so it’s at full speed all the time. He is very busy! So it’s good that he’s getting a little bigger, but he’s gone fast.

Self-development is important to me

Now the artist will find a way to return to what she calls herself “the beat of music.” She has just been in Los Angeles for inspiration and plans to return to the studio to compose new music.

with the manager David Eriksen (55) They went to the States together, and on Instagram she can reveal that she’s met famous songwriters, among other things.

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Damley told Se og Hør that she now wants to balance working with music while being a mother.

– Marlon has gotten a little older, so maybe it’s time to focus on what I’m doing truly Engaged, while still being a mother.

It’s important for me to grow my ego a little.

adult and firm

In September, Damley was a guest on the podcast Thomas Nome (52), “Sunday Brunch”The two talked about how she was getting a new look at herself and her career.

Lauritzen Corporation: Ton Damley was told she was “invisible” when the participants had to take their first notes in military terms. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Selena Morkin
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She then revealed that she thought the epiphany came when Astrid S appeared on an audition when she herself was a judge on “Idol”.

– I was taken to bed a few years ago, or started many years ago, because I am no longer young and promising. Because I was always young and promising, The 34-year-old said on the podcast.

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