Sir Michael Keane (90): – I am now retiring

Sir Michael Keane (90): – I am now retiring

– I have said several times that I will retire, but this time it is serious.


This is what 90-year-old actor Sir Michael Caine told BBC Radio 4 “Best of the Day” podcast..

CNN He also mentioned this matter on Saturday.

Thus putting an end to his long career with the movie “The Great Escaper”. A career that spanned nearly eight decades. During this time he worked in more than 160 films.

– I play the lead role in the movie “The Great Escaper” and I got great reviews. The roles I can have from now on are only those of old men. With the amazing reception this film has had, I don’t see any way to do a better job than that.

Wife: Sir Michael Caine and his wife Shakira (76 years old) have been married since 1973

– Awfully heartbreaking.

That’s how the English language describes it Watchman Michael Caine’s efforts in the film.

But although Cain receives consistently good reviews in the English media, he is not Reviewers Completely positive about the movie itself.

A film about World War II and the commemoration of Victory Day. Kane’s character was not among the invitees to this celebration. Then he sets off on his own journey.

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– It was a great experience for me to make this film – and I think this is the right time to give up, says Ken in an interview with the BBC.

Michael Caine has a charisma and presence that makes his efforts in the movie “The Great Escaper” something very special, as the film’s director, Oliver Parker, tells the BBC.

Caine began his acting career on stage in the early 1950s, before making his film debut in 1956. Since then he has played “everything” from secret agents, spies, playboys, adventurers, teachers and sarcastic assassins.


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